December 5, 2018

Can You Relate To This?

Can you relate to this? Maybe you are searching within for a piece of your life that has been missing. Maybe your passion, that has been buried beneath life’s stresses and obligations, needs to have it’s turn. We want to say thank you to Kay Perkins, an instructor at our Hays Campus for contributing this blog. Her willingness to share this is so helpful to many. Enjoy!

Who am I?

Who am I? I’ve not always been punctual, reliable, and driven. Always within me, a vague sense of ambition in my heart– but what I really lacked was self discipline. I was gentle with myself and let myself “off the hook” a lot. I mean A LOT. It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties that I realized that my life was going to pass me by unless I changed SOMETHING. I decided to change myself. It wasn’t easy, but I decided and I did. No excuses. When I wasn’t sure how to do it, I looked up inspiration or advice, I asked around, I found people who would hold me accountable. I cared about myself enough to not let myself off the hook anymore. I chose to be the person I wanted, I want to continue, to be.

You can too!

You can too! Every decision you make is truly a fork in the road. Choose the road that benefits you, that feeds you, that takes you to the next level. Now, as a cosmetology instructor, I see students struggle with these frequent decisions that make up all of our lives.
In the spirit of self improvement and empowerment, I’ve written an affirmation to those who are currently struggling, and those who could use a reminder.

Break Up With Her

Break Up With Her

The girl who hits snooze.
Three times.
The girl who tells herself she can’t.
Can’t win, can’t graduate, can’t succeed.
The girl who believes every bad thing about herself.

She’s wrong. You’re more than what you THINK you are.

Break Up With Her

Break up with her.

We each have a little voice inside our heads that feeds us self doubt. This voice is meant to protect us. It’s afraid for us, that we’ll fail, that we won’t cross the finish line, that no one will love us or care. It’s easier to “accept the fact” that life is rigged against us and that we don’t even have a fighting chance. We know what to expect then– no surprises.

What Happens?

What happens when we start to see past the wall that our little voice has built? We get nervous! Maybe something scary happens or something surprises us! Oh no! Back behind the wall we go!
But what IF… we meet someone new? Someone who believes in us?
What IF…. we learn something that helps us build a healthy habit?
What IF… we succeed?
But what if I FALL?”
“Oh darling, what if you FLY?”

Take A Deep Breath

Take a deep breath and take the leap.
Decide what YOU want your life to be.
And don’t let yourself talk you out of it.
Break up with the girl you don’t have to be.

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