September 5, 2018

College or Cosmetology School

We often hear this dilemma, shall I choose college or cosmetology school? Hays Academy of Hair Design, with campuses in Hays and Salina Kansas, wants to help with this very question. The last thing we would ever desire is to have someone choose cosmetology school only to find out that college is a better fit for them. While we recognize there may be no sure fire answer, we do feel there are some things to consider while making this decision.

Things to Consider:

We understand there are many things to consider while making this difficult career decision. While Hays Academy doesn’t claim to have the proven “checklist”, we do want to offer some insight that may help you in making this decision. After doing this for several years, we have noticed a trend in the decision process. Time after time, these areas seem to pop up:
-What fits my learning style?
-What is your passion?
-What is the occupational outlook?
-Where can I go?

Of course, if you have any questions, our fantastic admissions team at each campus would love to assist you. You can email Randi at our Hays Campus or Krista for our Salina campus for additional details. Also, you can call us at 785-628-3981 too!

What fits my learning style?

One of the first questions you should be asking yourself is…what fits my learning style? This is a key to success. While most college courses offer the traditional classroom setting, that is certainly not the case for cosmetology school. For the first hour and half of each day, you will find yourself in a typical classroom setting. However the remainder of the school day, you will be engaged in a hands-on, practical learning environment that helps you acquire the skills and competencies necessary for the industry. This literally starts from day one when our students do learn manicures and do them on one another! Now thats hands-on learning!

What is your passion?

If there was a “most important” question to be able to answer, it would be what is your passion? This, in our mind, is the golden key to success. If you follow your passion, success will follow. Imagine not ever working a day of your life. When you follow your passion, this feeling may be possible! Research indicates that we spend 1/3 of our life working so you better do something you enjoy! What is it that you are passionate about? If you have always loved doing hair, make-up, nails, etc, this just may be the perfect career choice for you! It’s time to search yourself from within and follow your passion in life!

What is the occupational outlook?

We’d be naive to not ask….what is the occupational outlook of any field we are looking into. This could likely determine the longevity of a career opportunity. According to, this industry is projected to grow 13 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. This is fantastic news not only for those in the industry, those in school now, but also for those looking into this industry as well! This is a rare occupation in which you get to care for people and make them feel beautiful all at the same time! It is hard to ever imagine technology replacing a good stylist who puts the need of their client first!

Where can I go?

A common question for any student is where can I go when I graduate? This is a million dollar question for a young person that has an entire working life ahead of them. Whether its marriage, geographical desires, or circumstance, its good to know you will have the ability to work if you have to move. The beauty industry offers a very flexible opportunity in this regard. People are coloring, cutting, and perming their hair all over the world and a professional stylist is needed! Licensing in each state is required, but with your education this is very doable and oftentimes seamless! Hays Academy is here to help when and if you decide to relocate!

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