June 2, 2017

How to decide between college and cosmetology school?

 How to decide between college and cosmetology school?

Post-secondary education is so vital to being able to achieve financial security as an adult. There are classes geared at understanding finances in both college and cosmetology school. However, as a college graduate that works in a cosmetology school, I have found that in college you can elect to attend finance classes but in cosmetology school at Hays Academy of Hair Design, everyone takes finance classes.  Many graduates have praised this program as one of the greatest aspects of their education.

Like college, Hays Academy expects you to attend class and be willing to learn. Unlike most colleges, Hays Academy of Hair Design does have a dress code. A majority of our students feel that the dress code allows for personal and creative expression while being practical and appropriate.

There are a great number of cosmetology students who have either started college and decided it wasn’t for them, or they plan on attending college upon graduation of cosmetology school. We have even had students with college degrees come to Hays Academy of Hair Design to have supplemental income as a stylist. For example, a woman with a teaching degree and Kansas teaching certificate finished our program so she could work in the salon during summer months and holiday breaks from her job as a kindergarten teacher! Another recent Hays Academy graduate came straight out of high school, got her cosmetology licence and is attending classes at Fort Hays State University. She does hair on evenings and weekends to help pay for her college tuition.

There are endless possibilities with a degree from either a traditional college or a cosmetology license. Hays Academy of Hair Design strives to produce the most hirable, financially responsible graduates in the nation. Our staff is invested in the success of our students and work hard to provide the most comprehensive cosmetology education available. Our students and graduates are not just people we bring in and then send out into the workforce, they are family who we are willing to help as they progress in their careers and in life. From assistance in interview preparation, job openings and salon owner/salon manager visits, Hays Academy offers a great number of student services.

If you are interested in learning more about Hays Academy, check us out at haysacademy.edu, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Google+. Or, you can text our Admissions Directors: Krista in Salina at (785) 833-2280 or Randi in Hays at (785) 628-6624.


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