May 28, 2019

The Perfect Color Maintenance

The Perfect Color Maintenance plan is one of the most sought after in the beauty industry. Here at Hays Academy we LOVE all salon services but color has a special place in our hearts! As a nationally recognized Wella Signature School, we take great pride in being able to offer the best international color line to our guests! We would love to provide you with the Perfect Color Maintenance Plan along with home care recommendations to help you keep your color looking fresh all year long!

Grey Hair

Are you trying to keep your grey hair colored consistently? That seems to be one of the most common color service goals that we see. Below are some key things to know:
-All over color should be touched up every 4-6 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows.
-Light colors/ highlights 6-8 weeks will help you go longer between colors because the line of demarcation won’t be as prominent as with dark/medium all over colors.

Home Care

The color service is important, but the home care after the service is just as important!
1. For blondes or people trying to grow out their natural grey: A professional violet shampoo will help keep blondes and natural white tones bright. We would recommend washing with this once a week and a moisturizing conditioner like Sebastian Drench. Sebastian Drench Shampoo can be used on the days you are not using violet shampoo.
2. Medium to dark colors: Wella Brilliance shampoo and conditioner will help to protect your color between processes keeping with shiny and refreshed. This shampoo is color protecting, not just color safe.
3. Wella Brilliance Masque used once a week will help keep grey hair soft and smooth as well as help lock in your color!

Brunette, Red Heads, and Violet Tones

Maybe you are a brunette, red head, or have some fun violet tones. Maintenance here is a little different. We see this strategy to be the most effective:
-Needs touched up every 6-8 weeks.
-Red and Violet tones may (not always) need to be touched up closer to 6 weeks to keep bright and shiny!

Home Care

Again, we can’t stress enough the importance of a Home Care plan. Taking care of your hair with the right products is proven to make your color last longer with vibrancy. Here is our recommendation for brunettes, red heads, and violet tones:
1. Wella Brilliance shampoo and conditioner is recommended to keep colors bright and shiny! Again, its is color protecting not just color safe.
2. Wella Brilliance Miracle BB spray is a leave in conditioner that helps detangle, smooth, and lock in color vibrancy. This is perfect for all colored hair but especially for red and violet to help protect against fading due to the sun!

Fashion Colors

The fashion colors are becoming more and more popular these days! We love doing them too! Here are some things to know if this is the hair goals you have:
-These colors need touched up every 2-4 weeks depending on how often you wash your hair.
-These colors tend to fade faster since they sit on the outside cuticle layer of the hair.

Home Care

As we have previously mentioned, home care is essential! Don’t forget to look into these products after getting a fun fashion color:
1. Matrix Keep Me Vivid shampoo and conditioner is recommended for washing as well as cooler water temperature. Hot water will lift the cuticle allowing the color to wash out faster.
2. Eimi Dry Me Dry Shampoo is recommended to be used in between washes to avoid hair looking oily.

Book Today!

Book with us today for one of these color services! We hope our perfect color maintenance plan is useful to you in how long you should go in between coloring! Also don’t forget you can receive 15% off your color by booking and holding your next appointment. Just show your last receipt to our front desk manager at check out.

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