September 22, 2017

Cosmetology License Timing

How long does it take to get a Cosmetology License in Kansas?

 One of the most common questions our admissions directors receive is a great one! How long does it take to get a cosmetology license in the state of Kansas? The simple answer is upon completing 1500 hours of training from a state licensed cosmetology school and passing state board exams. The complete answer includes the aforementioned combined with the student’s determination.

Hays Academy of Hair Design has a strong attendance policy. This policy is in place not to make things difficult for our students, but to model industry standards of local employers. History has shown that students who have high attendance marks graduate ahead of their peers. Those same students are more likely to find gainful employment sooner than their classmates. We require attendance each Tuesday through Friday throughout every week that we are open. Saturdays are optional. By following the required dates of attendance, a student can graduate in about one year. If students attend optional Saturdays, they can graduate in about 10.5 months.

After completing the required 1500 hours of training, students will need to pass two state board required exams. The written exam can generally be completed before you graduate from our program. The practical exam will need to be completed upon graduation. Typically, testing facilities can accommodate exam takers within one week if scheduled prior to graduation. This means that a graduate could be working in a salon as soon as two weeks after graduation. State board exam scheduling assistance is available by our staff. Also, graduates have no out-of-pocket testing expenses for their first attempt.

Less than a year of education can lead to a career in a field that is growing at a faster rate than nearly any other career field in the nation. Both campuses also offer assistance in obtaining employment.

Randi in Hays and Krista in Salina would love to answer any questions you may have regarding our cosmetology program. You can text Randi at 785-628-6624 or Krista at 785-833-2280 for more information!

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