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Cosmetology vs Esthetics

September 7, 2018/0/0
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Cosmetologist vs Esthestician

Confused about Cosmetology & Esthetics Licenses?

As you investigate the different opportunities in the beauty industry, comparing cosmetology vs esthetics is a necessary step to help you make the best decision. Hays Academy of Hair Design, with campuses in Hays and Salina Kansas does our best to help you understand what the difference is in an effort to help you make a better career decision.

Licensure Options

In the beauty industry there are many licensure options available for individuals to seek! Because of this, there is often confusion in those licenses that have an overlap in services. One area that we have noticed in our industry that is continually brought up is the licensure of Cosmetology and Esthetics. In the state of Kansas a Cosmetologist is someone who is licensed to perform services on hair, skin, and nails. An Esthetician is an individual licensed to perform eyebrow and eyelash services, cleansing and noninvasive stimulating beauty services, temporary hair removal and makeup applications. To simplify things, there is an overlap in the licensure of esthetics and cosmetology in the area of skin. Furthermore, a cosmetologist essentially holds a license in 3 areas:hair, esthetics, and nail technology. Here are the most common myths in our industry in regards to this:

Myth #1

Myth #1: If someone holds a cosmetology license but wants to only perform esthetician services they have to go back to school to get an esthetician license.

Fact: Once you have a cosmetology license you are licensed in the state of Kansas to perform ALL services an esthetician can provide. It is important to understand that esthetician training could be more specialized and in depth in those services. If that is the case, a cosmetologist may want to attend additional classes for more specialized training, but a dual license is not necessary.

Myth #2

Myth #2: In the state of Kansas an Esthetician license allows a person to perform more in depth services than a Cosmetology license.

Fact: In the state of Kansas a Cosmetologist is legally able to perform the exact same services as an esthetician.

Myth #3

Myth #3: In the state of Kansas you do not have to have a license to perform a makeup application.

Fact: In the state of Kansas you are required to have a Cosmetology or Esthetician license in order to provide makeup applications on another person for pay.

Education Requirements

Below are the education requirements in the state of Kansas for each licensed field of practice:
Cosmetology: 1500 hours
Esthetician: 1000 hours
Nail Technology: 350 hours

Hays Academy of Hair Design offers courses in Cosmetology and Nail Technology. If you have any questions or would like more information on our programs, please email Randi at the Hays Campus or Krista at the Salina Campus. You are also welcome to call us at 785-628-3981 as well!