May 28, 2019

Damaged Hair? Let us Help!

If you have damaged hair, let us help! Hair can become damaged a number of different ways. Chemical processing, heat, sun, diet or hormone changes can all affect the health of your hair. While sometimes you may feel like you are doing everything right to keep your hair in top shape, you may find yourself wishing it wasn’t so dry, brittle or even breaking. Hays Academy of Hair Design is committed to helping you nurse your hair back to health! Run through this checklist to ensure you’re not missing a step!

Regular Trims

Even if you are growing your hair out, we highly suggest you book an appointment for regular trims. Depending on the extent of your hair’s damage, we can give our professional recommendation on how much needs to be cut off to obtain optimum health! We suggest not going over eight weeks in between haircuts.

Reconditioning Treatments

Regardless of the health of your hair, we have a reconditioning treatment for you! Whether you need moisture, protein, shine, anti-frizz or a bonding treatment, our students will prioritize what your hair is lacking the most and get the right fit for you! Our prices for a reconditioning treatment range from $5 to $20. We also have reconditioning treatments you can purchase for at home care if you don’t have time to make an appointment!


Wellaplex is a bond maker that helps to create bonds within the hair during lightening or color service. We mix it right into the lightener or color we are using for your color service. It helps to reconstruct inner hair bonds for stronger hair. Keeping your hair in healthy condition while lightening can be tough, especially if the hair’s integrity is compromised at all.
Lightener can leave the hair dry, so this acts as insurance for the hair and leaves it in better condition. To add this to your color service, we charge $20 for the first bowl of lightener and $5 for every bowl after. It comes with a second step mask at the bowl, so you can expect the Wellaplex add-on to take an additional 10 minutes to your service. We can also use the Wellaplex treatment as a stand alone service as well if you are in between colors and need a pick me up!

Stop brushing your hair!

Ok, don’t actually totally stop, BUT….you need to know that brushing your hair while it is wet with a regular brush if it is damaged can lead to stretching and snapping. We recommend using a wide tooth comb and a suitable leave-in conditioner (we have a few to choose from) OR, you can use a Wet Brush! We just got a shipment of the newest Wet Brush Desert Bloom (SO PRETTY!) collection last week and have them for sale at both campuses!

Professional Products.

We highly recommend using professional hair products to help the health of your hair. It all matters! Minimum products used on damaged hair should include:
-Professional shampoo and conditioner that is specifically for adding moisture or protein back into the hair. Not sure what you are lacking? Let us point you in the right direction by coming in to get a tailored home hair care maintenance program just for your hair.
-Leave-in conditioning treatment.
-Heat protectant. Whether you use a blow dryer or irons or both, a heat protectant is 100% a non-negotiable. To prevent breakage, the hair needs to be protected from hot tools and UV rays from the sun this summer!
-Oil. Oils help put moisture back into your ends while smoothing flyaways and shining the hair!

Book Today!

Book your next appointment today! We look forward to working with you to get your hair back into prime condition. It won’t happen overnight and will take some work, but together we can do it! Call us today to schedule your appointment at your closest campus!

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