August 11, 2017

Student Loan Debt Anxiety

 Student Loan Debt Anxiety

Acquiring student loan debt and preparing yourself for an education is a scary event in anyone’s lives. Going to school to acquire a skill or degree has become more important over time as the demand for qualified professionals rise nationally. There are endless articles online about how to be financially successful in your educational experience, but rarely do these articles address the anxiety related to having student debt. Hays Academy of Hair Design isn’t shy when it comes to expressing to students how they can prosper despite having student loan debt.

The key to getting your head around the debt you consume for your education is that without those moneys, you would not be able to attain an education that will allow you to make more money than if you didn’t gain the education. A higher earning potential isn’t easily attainable without higher education. The second most important part of this situation is to understand you will need to work diligently and prepare well to get into the salon you desire to work for. Success doesn’t happen by accident. If you find a salon that you believe will allow you to make good money, you have to take the necessary steps to acquire that salon job. Finding a job that allows you to become financially successful makes student loan debt seem like less of an anxiety provoking issue.

Hays Academy students are given coaching sessions four different times throughout their education in Hays or Salina, Kansas. Providing students a transparent understanding of their financial situation is incredibly important to the Hays Academy Vision Statement; to produce the most hirable, financially responsible graduates in the nation. We talk about subsidized versus unsubsidized student loans and the differences of interest charges between each. We talk about what kind of annual salary will provide graduates with the ability to live a great financial life while they pay back student loans. Students are encouraged to begin paying on their loans even while in school as it can save them hundreds to thousands later in their lives. These coaching sessions are a direct opportunity for students to take their financial future into their hands now, to find success down the road.

We stand by our students to answer questions and help them prepare beyond just cosmetology.  We want to prepare them for their future as well. This type of culture has become known as the Hays Academy Family;something our staff takes a great deal of pride in. Our graduates success is how we measure our own successes at Hays Academy. Technical skills are vital to industry standards. A holistic education is pivotal to the trust our students place in our staff. We take that responsibility seriously. 

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