February 23, 2016

Does your salon or spa have integrity?


Does your salon or spa have integrity?

Does your salon or spa have integrity?

Merriam-Webster defines integrity as a) the quality of being honest and fair b) the state of being complete or whole.  These simple definitions in the cosmetology industry are characteristic of a salon or spa that cares about its client’s, invests in the prosperity of its stylists, nail technicians, makeup artists and spa professionals while providing services that meet or exceed client’s wants and demands as well as the state mandated laws and requirements.  

Does your salon or spa have integrity?  Currently, in Kansas, Cosmetologists, Estheticians, and Nail Techs are required to have a license in order to cut/color/style hair, perform nail services, or provide makeup applications.  If someone who does not have a license is performing these services on you it is not only illegal, it is dangerous!  Part of the 1500 hour curriculum all cosmetologists are required to complete prior to taking their licensure exams includes sanitation and proper handling of infected tools and materials. (There are currently no requirements for a license for massage therapists in Kansas.) If someone has not completed the 1500 hour program and taken their state boards certification, can you trust that the shears they are using, the nail instruments being used, or the makeup applicators are free of infectious diseases?  Without a license, they could be exposing you to elements that can cause numerous problems with your health and well-being!  You simply deserve more.  

Integrity…check!  The best way to ensure you are in the hands of a professional is to simply observe if they have a license!  Ask them about where they went to school to learn this awesome skill set and about their state board licensure!  If you feel that things aren’t right, ask to see their license!  It should be displayed at their workstation, regardless.  

Truth be told, there are businesses all over Kansas that are utilizing non-licensed personnel for make-up applications, hair styling, and even nail services.  These dishonest salon and spa owners are cheating their clients and the industry as a whole.  You deserve more than an unlicensed hobbyist.  You deserve a licensed professional! 


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