December 6, 2016

Featured Student-Caitlyn Larson 3x NaB Business Student of the Month

Featured Student-Caitlyn Larson

3 Questions for a 3 time Nuts and Bolts Business Student of the Month

Caitlyn Larson is from St. George, Kansas and a graduate of Rock Creek High School. After graduation, Caitlyn went to college to play softball and soon realized that her passion was in cosmetology. Being in cosmetology school for nearly 10 months now, Caitlyn has developed essential skills to become a salon and spa professional. She is quick to credit the Nuts and Bolts Business Training Program that is implemented for all students at Hays Academy of Hair Design in Salina and Hays, Kansas.

We asked Caitlyn 3 Questions about her successes and this is what she had to say:

Q: What inspires you?
A: Ms. Ashley (Hays Academy of Hair Design Instructor) and the other instructors who push me to be my very best. They have taught me that I am good enough.

Q: What advise do you have for other students who desire to be the Business Student of the Month?
A: Go out and advertise yourself in person and on social media. Get your family and friends involved! Ensure you are tracking your numbers from retail and service sales and seeing how they measure up to your monthly goals.

Q: What aspect of your education has provided you with the most beneficial information?
A: The Nuts and Bolts Business Training has inspired and informed me to develop skills necessary to provide my clients with the highest standard of care and service.

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