May 24, 2016

Finding the Right Stylist

cosmetologyFinding the Right Stylist

Finding the right stylist can be more difficult than finding the right doctor.  You will see the stylist more often, will spend a longer amount of time with them and will be tipping them for their hard work.  You want those visits, that time and your money to be spent with someone who is compatible with who you are.  Someone that is able to know when you want to not talk, but just relax and have your service done.  Or, when you have something to talk about, for them to listen to you, discuss with you…have fun with. 

At Hays Academy of Hair Design in Salina, Kansas and Hays, Kansas you will find a diverse group of women and men who are ready to provide you great services.  We strive to have you leave not only looking great, but feeling phenomenal!  Our students are talented and supervised by an amazing staff, so the looking great part is covered.  The feeling phenomenal often comes from finding the right student for your personality.

From the start, our students are taught to provide you with a remarkable consultation.  They are taught to ask, listen, repeat and act.  This strategy allows them to ask you what you would like to do.  Listen to you express your desire for a finished look.  Repeat what you want to ensure accuracy. And act upon what you have discussed.  This strategy is vital to ensuring you leave looking great! 

Next, our students provide you with a stress relieving treatment like a head and shoulders massage.  This is meant to make you feel great and stress free!  Then, as the student provides your service, they are gauging your personality and what you desire when at the school.  Perhaps you are a quite person who wants to look at their phone using free wifi and listen to music our school offers. Or, you may want to converse with the student.  Either way, a good stylist is reading you and giving you what you want. 

Lastly, once you are styled and ready to leave, a great stylist will recommend what products will allow you to maximize the look you seek to achieve.   

Finding the right stylist is important.  You may have your own list of qualities you seek in a cosmetologist!  Hays Academy of Hair Design hopes you find a student and follow them to their job.  We would love to have you matched with the stylist of your dreams!  Come in, give us a try!

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