November 20, 2015

Finding Success over Scheduled Breaks from School


Finding Success Over Scheduled Breaks from School

What you do to better yourself now, will make you great in the future! For cosmetology students, this time of year involves a lot of free time. You aren’t in school as much as you have been due to scheduled breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, and you find yourself with some time on your hands. How you spend this time now, will only pay dividends in the future, if you use it wisely.

Using your time wisely while on break includes job shadowing. Get out to salons that have interested you, and see if you can spend some time next to a stylist. This allows you the opportunity to study the salon and the people who make it great. You will have the chance to read into the culture to see how things work on a day-to-day basis. Knowing what people wear and the expectations of their own hair and makeup will also allow you to be better prepared for salon life after school.

Before you go about job shadowing, you really should have your cover letter, resume and references set up for each place you plan on seeking employment from. If these things aren’t at 100% then spend a part of your break working on these particular items. Feel free to email them to Tyler for him to look over.

Your portfolio of all work related items is an incredible tool that can benefit you professionally. If your portfolio is not up to par, or could be better, do not hesitate to use your time off from school to build an even more powerful portfolio.

Once you have mastered these tasks, you will be better able to enjoy your break knowing that you are set-up for success in the near future.

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