May 18, 2016

What are you going to do after high school?


What are you going to do after high school?

Not knowing what you are going to do after high school isn’t something that only a handful of graduates experience.  Often times, a majority of graduates aren’t sure where they will go to college or tech school, what they will go to school for, or where they will be working.  The truth is, many who go to a traditional university find that once they get there, it isn’t for them.  So, what does one do when they are in this situation?  The answers range, but in all seriousness you really should chase down your passion.  What drives you?  What motivates you to be the best?  What have you wanted to do since you were a kid?  If you can answer these questions, you have the base line of what you need! 

Being a high-school graduate gets your foot in the door to most schools in the Central Kansas area including Hays Academy of Hair Design.  At Hays Academy, we strive to help students both professionally and technically.  Through Nuts & Bolts Business Training, you will receive a breakthrough business education certificate that verifies that you have gained the skills to be a salon and spa professional.  Through our Sassoon Haircutting, Wella Color Formulation, Men’s Cuts training, Waxing, facials, and nail services, you will possess the skill set to make your mark on this industry and attain gainful employment.  How many of your current peers are able to say that they have a degree and a license in something that allows them to make money? 

Beyond making money, we want you to be a contributing member of society.  To build your communities and be relatable to people.  To care!  We have a specific set of core values that inhibit the faculty and staff to share of themselves in a manner that promotes stability, growth and happiness.  We want to share the best parts of us with you! 

If you have questions about how Hays Academy could fit into your life, call us at (785) 833-2280 in Salina or (785) 628-6624 in Hays.  You can also check us out online at

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