October 17, 2017

Graduate Showcase: Monica Martinez

Graduate Showcase-Monica Martinez

Where are you from?

Natoma, Kansas

What was the defining moment in you choosing to attend cosmetology school?

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to do hair and makeup. In high school I was going to pursue a law degree because I was always told I wouldn’t make money doing hair. I struggled with this choice for a long time and I finally chose it and stuck with it because deep down it’s honestly all I’ve ever wanted to do. Growing up I had super curly hair and got made fun of A LOT. I didn’t want any one else to feel like I did so I wanted to go to school so I could help people feel a way I never felt which was beautiful.

What fears did I have and how did I overcome them??

I had a lot of fears. I felt I wasn’t good enough, sometimes I felt like I was failing as a mom. Sometimes I just felt like I was failing at life. I started school twice and dropped out before finally finishing. What was different for me the 3rd time was I my faith. Had I not chosen a school that was solid in their faith and not ashamed to share it with their students I’m not sure I would have finished the 3rd go round.

What were some of my favorite aspects of Hays Academy of hair design and my time in school??

I would have to say I loved the competitions. I loved the way that no matter what or how difficult I was at times the instructors and staff never gave up on me and in turn wouldn’t allow me to give up on myself. The family atmosphere was something I needed I my life and even now after I’ve graduated I still feel so much love and support from my school it’s overwhelming at times and makes my heart so full and happy

Where am I working now??

Queens and Kings Salon in Kansas City, Missouri. I’m a booth rent stylist.

How long have I been there??

Almost two months. But, I’m just now at a point where my photo shoots and other projects I’ve been doing are slowing down so I’m able to be there full time which is what I love.

Are you happy with your decision to enter this wonderful industry??

I am very happy. Your time and efforts in this industry are 100% up to you and what you make of it. That is something I love. My fashion and hair family just keeps growing and I’m so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life now.

What career goals do I have and what are my plans to achieve them??

I’m still very much planning on opening my own salon. That is a goal I will never give up on. Right now I’m working on my style for the Sebastian “What’s Next” competition. This year I want to compete as a professional and challenge myself to out do what I did last year. I’ve already reached a few goals I set a lot quicker than I anticipated but I’m following God’s lead and taking things as they come. I will be working with a local magazine here and I’m hoping by the end of next year my work will be published in the magazine. I’ve been doing A LOT of volunteer work but it’s all gotten me other job offers and been a great way for me to network with photographers, models, designers, and anyone in the fashion industry. Also, I would love to eventually work in the New York Fashion Week!

What are some of the highlights of my career so far??

I’ve gotten to build my portfolio by participating in the Moda Shoots. Definitely something I recommend to any stylist entering a new area. I was asked to do hair and make up for a Local Runway Show by the designer April Madden. I had the honor of styling the hair for all her models and was chosen to do makeup on the designers signature model, or first to walk. I volunteered to help out for Kansas City Fashion Week strictly as a volunteer and then was chosen to do hair for the Kansas City Fashion Council on two of the days for their promotional photo shoots. That was such an incredible honor. I will be working with a local magazine here but I think I’m most honored that some of the models and people I’ve worked with now request me for their own personal projects. I get the honor of styling one of the young ladies for her school dance which may not seem like a lot but to me it. For her to come in contact with so many amazing stylist at each shoot she does and than to specifically choose me for such a special occasion in her life is just so meaningful. When someone requests you because of how you make them feel about themselves to me there’s nothing in the world better than that!!!    

Thank you guys so much again I greatly appreciate it and I owe everything I’ve accomplished to the solid foundation you and Hays Academy helped me lay before stepping into this industry. I’m so grateful to our core values and it’s because of those values and maintaining them I’ve been able to accomplish all I have. 

Check her out on Instagram @missmomart

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