November 7, 2017

Graduate Showcase: Sara (Yarmer) Simoneau

1. Where are you from?

– I grew up on a farm south of Russell, but live in Damar, KS now!

2. What was the defining moment in you choosing to attend cosmetology school?

– I’ve always wanted to be a Cosmetologist! There’s just something about getting to make people feel great inside and out while being creative that makes this the best profession! 

3. What fears did you have and how did you overcome them?

– Failing or making a mistake was my worst fear. As both of those are still possible, I know that is where I will learn the most. Every time you meet your fear, you have to buck up and find the positive!

4. What were some of your favorite aspects of Hays Academy of Hair Design and your time in school?

– Hays Academy was not only a school for me, it was like a second family! The staff really cares about their students and their futures. By choosing Hays Academy so many doors were opened for my career!

5. Where are you working now?

– Deja Vu Salon in Damar

6. How long have you been there?

– 5 years

7. Are you happy with your decision to enter this wonderful industry?

– Absolutely!!! Not once have I doubted the industry! You can be as creative as you want! There are no boundaries!

8. What career goals do you have and what are your plans to achieve them?

– I love being a full time stylist! I just hope to keep growing my clientele and build a reputation! That will come from being consistent, creative, flexible and caring!

9. What are some of the highlights of your career so far?

– While I was in school I was business student of the month every month I was on the floor except one! That lead me to compete for Nuts & Bolts Student of The Year where I placed 2nd! I was awarded with a trip to New York where I attended cut and color classes at the Wella Studio! That experience was one I will never forget! Those opportunities would of never been possible if it wasn’t for the support and drive from Hays Academy!

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