March 6, 2018

Guys-this one’s for YOU!

Guys-this one’s for YOU! Think ladies are the only ones that need to know about trending hairstyles and fashion? Think again!

You may be the guy that has gone to the same barber or stylist for fifteen years and you have been getting a high and tight, no changes, for that long. That’s ok! These are ideas to consider to change things up, even just a little bit, to stay on trend.

Skin is in:. Men’s fades look so clean when it is faded down to skin, even if it is just in the nape of the neck. Request a no-guard fade to stay ahead of the game. BONUS: your haircut will look cleaner and last longer than if you go with the old school ‘blocked off’ look in the back.

Beards: Remember how I just said skin is in? Though fading down to skin in the nape and sideburn area is in, facial hair is a must right now. Beards have become increasingly popular since men’s grooming has started to become huge in our industry. Beards seem to be much more socially and professionally acceptable in the workplace, and actually can complement your haircut and face shape. If you have a very narrow face, try growing out a well groomed beard faded into your sides to give your face some width. Or, if you have a round face, consider a narrow, sculpted beard that is a little bit longer than the chin to elongate the face to slim it down. You will find just as many grooming products at the salon for beards as you will for men’s hair. If you have a beard, or are planning on growing one, purchasing beard oil is a must. It helps with the itch factor, keeps the wild hairs tamed, makes it smell amazing, and keeps it hydrated. Our two favorites and best sellers at Hays Academy of Hair Design are Woody’s and Gibs beard/tattoo oils.

PSA for all dudes: Your local Walmart, grocery store, Target or drug store is not the place to purchase your shampoo and conditioner. If dry and flaky scalp ails you, generic brands are only going to make it worse. Also, many of those products are pumped full of waxes, causing it to build up on your hair and scalp. There are many brands out there catering to men. We have some awesome men’s shampoos and conditioners that will help put your hair and scalp in great condition. Woody’s has a daily shampoo and conditioner, and we are also huge fans of Nioxin and it’s continued results. If you are starting to have a complex about the hairline that’s receding a bit further back each month, come have a free consultation to see which Nioxin system would fit you best! A little bit goes a very long way and helps you keep the hair you have.

Waxing:A necessity. To take the uni out of your brow, we offer a simple center brow wax for our men. It is quick and does not produce the stubble that shaving would do, and it lasts up until your next haircut. We also offer nose waxes… don’t knock it till you try it!

Guys-this ones for you! We look forward to freshening up your look, guys! Don’t forget, we offer a 20% discount to college students in our area, so grab a friend and we will see you soon.

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