April 5, 2016

HAHD: Goal Setting


HAHD: Goal Setting

Goal Setting tends to lead to success. However, often times people have difficulty following through the entire process of goal setting to goal accomplishment.  There are many ways of achieving the entire process, but for those who struggle, Hays Academy of Hair Design has created a 7-point guide. 

Step 1- Brainstorm ideas and develop finalized goals

Step 2- Write your goals down and place them in a visible area

Step 3- List all the benefits and challenges that each goal may encompass

Step 4- List the steps needed to achieve each goal

Step 5- Create a plan and timeline of how to achieve each step of each goal

Step 6- Assess and re-assess as you progress in achieving the goals

Step 7- Celebrate your accomplishments

If you apply this to cosmetology, hairstylists can utilize these steps to help attain more clients, provide them with new business goals to achieve, and encourage them to seek higher education from specialized classes! 

When it comes down to it, goal setting and cosmetology have a lot in common.  For one, your client has a ‘goal look’ that they hope to have you help them achieve when they sit in your chair.  Another example includes your goals to achieve your dreams within the industry.  Truth be told, if you help your client achieve their goals, your own goals should be more capable of being reached.  Put your client first, and they will help you attain your own goals! 

Hard work, dedication, passion, education, motivation, and repeat.  Words to live by when reaching for new limits within goal setting. 

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