January 22, 2016

HAHD: How to Shampoo and Condition Properly

HAHD: How to Shampoo and Condition Properly

You’ve been washing your own hair since you were little… but are you washing it properly?

It is a popular belief that the more shampoo and conditioner you use, the cleaner the hair. How much are you using? WHAT shampoo and conditioner are you using?

Salon recommended shampoos and conditioners are much more concentrated than brands you can find on the cheap at your local grocery stores. The reality is this: if you are using professional products, they will last you much longer than drug store products! It only takes a small amount (approximately the size of a nickel, as demonstrated in the video) of each to cleanse and condition.

Where do I put the shampoo?

The shampoo is meant only to cleanse the scalp area. Begin by wetting the hair, and massage the shampoo into the scalp area. When the shampoo is rinsed out of the hair, it will grab any debris and product and wash it down the drain!

Where do I put the conditioner?

The conditioner should only be applied to the midshaft to ends of the hair. If you are currently conditioning the scalp area, you likely are dealing with greasy hair. Stop!

Why should I be using professional products? They seem expensive.

“Over the counter” shampoos and conditioners are full of false hope. The bottle says it will heal your brittle hair and make your hair grow to new lenghts you didn’t know were possible… hows is that working out for you? It also says it will protect your fresh color you just spent your hard earned money on… but is it? Another reality check: the reason a lot of these products make your hair feel silky smooth at first is because they are loaded with wax. Wax then coats the hair, which dulls the color, which makes your hair stylist cringe when they have to use a clarifying shampoo to get the undeniable buildup on the hair to come off! Don’t believe me? Love your store bought products? It is likely that if you would run your fingernails down a few strands of hair, you could feel the buildup for yourself. Try it out!

When you are sick and go to the doctor, they prescribe you medication; you take your prescription to your local pharmacist and they fill it. You take the medication, and you get better. When you seek advice regarding the law, you consult an attorney. You pay them money, they represent you, and you trust they will help you in your situation. When numbers aren’t your thing, you pay an accountant to handle your taxes and finances, and trust them when they give you a dollar amount for your return. If your hairstylist, that you trust to cut and color your hair, wax your eyebrows that frame your eyes, and give you tips on trends and styles gives you a professional recommendation on products tailored to your hair type and situation…are you taking their recommendations seriously?

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