July 29, 2016

Hays Academy of Hair Design at the North American Trendvision Awards

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Hays Academy of Hair Design at the North American Trendvision Awards

Empowered through their courage of competition in the North American Trendvision Awards (NATVA), Hays Academy of Hair Design students Micha Johnston and Megan Hertel have launched themselves into national spotlight.

USA Student Category

USA Student Category

These talented women represented themselves and Hays Academy with pride as they placed 1st and 3rd in the USA Student category in Las Vegas! In addition to these early industry pioneers, our very own Danielle Markley was awarded with the Wella Trendvision Educator of the Year. Social media was on fire as people were searching for Hays Academy of Hair Design in Hays and Salina, Kansas and wondering how our school of about 80 students placed two in the top three on such big of a stage while having the top educator as well. Raw talent, a dedicated and inspiring staff and attention to industry trends are just a part of this success, but overall, it was these students faith in their education that created their success.


Danielle Markley accepting her award.

Ashley Paulson, Campus Manager and Instructor at Hays Academy of Hair Design-Salina Campus was in attendance and said she was absolutely blown away by the creativity and attention to detail all of the students portrayed in this category. As a competitor in industry professionals events, she said the Trendvision show, in and of itself, was by far the best she had attended. Ashley took away three specific points from the NATVA show:

1. Competition changes you! Whether you entered and didn’t make it or you won on the big stage, you grow every time you compete! I strongly encourage every student and licensed hairdresser to compete as often as possible! 

2. If you ever have the chance to experience TrendVision in person, GO!! Save the money, work a little harder, make the sacrifice. It is by far more than I could have ever dreamed up. I am so inspired by the students and other artists that showcased their hard work. 

3. Every detail counts! From model choice, to detail on the outfit, color, style, model stance and walk, stylist confidence and appearance… Every. Little. Detail. 

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Micha Johnston and Model

Micha Johnston, Hays Academy of Hair Design-Hays Campus student and 3rd place finisher took away three insightful points as well:

1. Be confident in yourself and your work. You won’t get far if you don’t believe in your talent.

2. Trust your superiors. They are there to be your crutch when you don’t understand something. Regardless if its at school or at a show. 

3. Talk to people! Shows are for stylists. Famous stylists too. You just have to approach them! They’re people just like you 🙂 😝 this ones my favorite thing I learned. I was so intimidated by them the first time.

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Megan Hertel and Model

Megan Hertel, Hays Academy of Hair Design-Salina Campus student and 1st place finisher added her three takeaways from NATVA too:

1. After entering the competition and making it to the regional show in Chicago, I was reassured that I was in the right industry!

2. Being pushed out of your comfort zone is the only way to grow.

3. I met a lot of inspiring people who have shown me that anything is possible…cough cough…Stephen Moody!

Summer Melvin, co-owner of Hays Academy of Hair Design and Director of Financial Aid, was also in attendance. She watched on in pride as her students were being awarded as well as her sister and business partner, Danielle. Summer took away these three spectacular points:

Hays Academy owners and staff cheer on Hays Academy students!

Hays Academy owners and staff cheer on Hays Academy students! 

1.  This industry has to be one of the most creative industries I have ever seen.  This show was full of amazing talent and creativity from the very beginning to the end.  Who would have thought using toothpicks, jacks and hair clips could create amazing hair art.

2.  Hays Academy seriously has the best students.  Having our students place 1st and 3rd at a national competition that had fierce talent confirmed this for me.  I cannot wait for our students to compete again next year.  We have definitely set the bar high.

3.  Hays Academy has the best students because they are trained by the best instructors.  With Hays Academy winning Instructor of the year confirms this for me as well.  Hays Academy wouldn’t be were we are today without the contribution of every single team member.

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