June 12, 2018

Who is Hays Academy?

Who is Hays Academy?

Who is Hays Academy you might ask? Hays Academy is a cosmetology school with campuses in Hays and Salina Kansas. Originally established in 1981, Hays Academy was purchased in 2003 by Danielle Markley and Summer Melvin. The vision from the beginning was to provide rural Kansas students with an opportunity to grow in a career field they are passionate about. Their was a great desire to create a learning environment that provides students with the essential tools it takes to be successful, both in the salon but more importantly in life.

Hireable and Financially Responsible

The vision over time has continued to evolve, with the focus on producing the most hireable, financially responsible graduates in the world. This sounds like a lofty goal but one of importance nonetheless to the owners and staff at Hays Academy of Hair Design. The higher education costs have sky rocketed in the past 10-15 years and Hays Academy wants to provides students with an affordable career path that they love. Beyond this, teaching students financial literacy and debt elimination skills are essential in striving on towards the goals of Hays Academy! Our students understand loans and the importance of paying them back quickly.

Get A Job!

We all face the day where we hear the words….Get a Job! At Hays Academy, this is the Hireable part of the vision. There is a heavy focus on career preparation at Hays Academy. Creating a relevant resume, an online portfolio (Beautymob.com) and going through the proper career preparation steps are essential in landing the job of your dreams. The team at Hays Academy takes this very serious and is here to help you through this very important process during your schooling.

What Are You Waiting For?

So what are you waiting for? With a new career can come fears that we let interrogate our minds and hold us hostage. Being career ready can eliminate those false fears that scare us away. Follow your passion in life! Choose a school that will help you become career ready and give you the confidence you need to enter the next chapter! You deserve to be the most hireable, financially responsible graduate in the world!

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