May 3, 2016

At Home VS Professional Waxing

Body Wax

Body Wax

At Home VS Professional Waxing

Waxing your bikini area is a stressful experience for most women and there are certain risks you need to be made aware of prior to waxing at home.  Below is some advice on how to handle these situations as well as why a professional salon is important. 


Burns can happen when you do not go see a professional.  Professionals know how to keep wax warm enough to apply and utilize but not so hot as to burn you.  In all truthfulness, waxing yourself is one of the easiest ways to get a burn, especially if you are using retinol cream. 


Waxing irritates the skin, which can lead to permanent scarring. It really takes a certain level of skill to be successful at waxing the bikini area.  The chances of scarring are nearly eliminated by visiting a professional who can assist you.  It is worth it to check out a professional prior to attempting this on your own. 


Waxing can leave tiny tears in the skin and bacteria can become an issue.  This is why bikini waxing can lead to infection.  However, when you see a professional, you decrease your chances of infection greatly.  Professionals are better able to take hair away without causing the skin to rip. 

Benefits of seeing a professional

It is no secret that waxing can be painful. Most clients agree that a professional is less painful than doing it yourself.  Professional waxing lasts longer than at home waxing.  This helps make up the cost, but also helps with all the above limits. Salon waxing is more relaxing, you are getting pampered.  In a salon, they have to worry about tedious and difficult hair, not you. 

Are you in need of a wax?  Contact Hays Academy of Hair Design in Salina or Hays, Kansas today!  We look forward to servicing you! If you are interested in waxing and the other elements of cosmetology, Hays Academy of Hair Design is ready to help!  Go to and fill out the information on the main page and we will get back with you!  You can also call or text Randi in Hays at (785) 629-6624 or Krista in Salina at (785) 833-2280.

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