March 23, 2016

Be a Beauty Industry Entrepreneur


How to be an Entrepreneur in the Beauty Industry By Rachel Stiawalt, HAHD Instructor

   Ask yourself… Do you feel it in your bones? Do you have the need to help others? Do you have PASSION?

    If so, here are some good habits to follow and key ways to build your business.

   * You’re always coming up with new ideas…good or bad…..ideas stimulate growth

   * You want to be as successful as others in your industry

   * You constantly think of new ways to improve yourself and others

   * You love to learn new things 

   * You are not afraid of work

   * You take risks

   * You meet as many people as you can and use social media and networking to your advantage

   * You sacrifice for a successful career 

   * You bounce back from failure

   * You set goals for yourself and others

   * You help others and donate time and your gifts God has given you to others

   * You find challenges in everything you do 

   * You’re competitive 

   *  You have FAITH, INTEGRITY, LOVE, HOPE, TRUST, COMPASSION, FUN and live by these actions

   * Last but not least…never give up on your dreams!!!!

We are truly in an industry that can help others and make a difference one person at a time. 


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