October 27, 2015

How to Write a Resume for a Cosmetology Position


How to Write a Resume for a Cosmetology Position

Writing a resume can be a challenge for most people because it involves breaking down one’s past into logical, important attributes that are meant to impress or suit a potential future employer. The listings of skills and abilities are all driven around the hopes of attaining employment at the job of your dreams, and it is possible—but you must be honest and direct.
A career in cosmetology is different than other industries because a) it is a highly competitive market b) it requires ongoing education to remain current on trends c) the stylist has to model that they themselves are always current with trends and dressed in the latest fashions. Most in-demand stylists will fit this profile, so what is it that sets them apart? Their resume! Let’s take a look into what makes an excellent resume for cosmetologists. (See an example of a cosmetology resume at the bottom of the blog entry.)

The Header
Headers should include your name, address, phone number, and email address. Another aspect to consider is your portfolio web address to be posted in this section as well. This allows others to associate you with your portfolio right away. The header should be the same for all of your documentation. Font size, style and color all needs to be the same throughout your resume, cover letter, and references page. It is vital that you establish yourself vibrantly, yet professionally in this section.

If you are going to include an objective line (which is highly recommended) then you need to personalize that objective line for each place that you are applying. To make the objective line generic makes your entire resume generic! Also, there are three aspects to this line that you need to include: 1) What it is you will do for the company you seek employment from, 2) What you will do for the current clientele and culture of that company, 3)What you would like the company to do for you. (example: I am seeking an entry level stylist position with ABC Salon in Salina, Kansas where I can bring my established clientele, assist in continuing the outstanding transformations people have come to expect from ABC Salon while demonstrating five-star customer service to your existing clients as your newest employee.)

The time you have spent in cosmetology school, if you are just graduating, is vital to be in this section! After all, you performed live services on clients! In this section you would want to list the number of services you have performed. For example, the number of chemical services, women’s cuts, men’s cuts, waxing services and etc. Perhaps you would mention your retail to service percentages. Also, your ability to up-sell effectively. You will want to mention your positive relations with clients and your ability to build positive relationships with them. 
When it comes to your past employment, select items that deal with customer service, managing money, cleanliness, stocking and selling retail, and anything dealing in cosmetics or fashion.

Technical Skills
The key to explaining your technical skills is to be as specific, yet direct as possible. Listing is the goal, but to list the most important attributes is the primary objective. We want these skills to be about cosmetology. Knowing that you are efficient at Microsoft Excel isn’t really relevant here. So, things like Wella color formulation and application, shellac manicures, full-service waxing, Tammy Taylor Nails, Sassoon trained women’s cuts, and Nuts and Bolts business trained are all reputable skills that you can put to work for an employer! Include these skills!

Specialty Classes
If you attended a hair show, an event, or a class from an educator you really need to consider putting it on this list. Simply name the class and who the instructor was. You can choose to add the date or just simply put the year you attended.

List any awards or recognitions you have received while in cosmetology school or from the salon you work for. Cosmetology scholarships are also acceptable to include in this section.

Place the name of the cosmetology school you attended, what you studied there, and the start and graduation date. This will allow the employer to know where and when you went to school.

State that you are a licensed cosmetologist in the state in which you are applying.

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