October 14, 2016

The Importance of a Client List

The Importance of a Client List

Everyone from doctors to car salespersons keep a list of potential and previous clients. They keep a database of all who have sought or continue to seek their services for both record keeping and advertising their specials and happenings. In this regard, cosmetology is no different! Ensuring that you have a detailed list of clients is vital to your success.

What information should be included in your client records? At minimum, you should include their name, address, phone number, email address and birthday. Why birthday? This is a great time to send them a special offer to celebrate! In addition to the basic information, you can add to and modify over time, you can include things like color formulas, hair cutting notes, products that they have purchased, and even things happening in their lives. These notes are what keep you in the know between their services and allow you to be well informed prior to them coming back in. Essentially, positive record keeping allows you to maximize your ability to perform outstanding services and connectivity.

You too will appreciate this process as it produces easier understandings of what you have done as well as what you can do in the future. Clients will show their appreciation by coming back to see you exclusively which brings financial stability to you and your family!

If you are a student at Hays Academy of Hair Design in either Hays or Salina, this client list is really important and can help you establish yourself in your new salon. Think about how impressed the salon owner or manager will be in your interview to see that you are being proactive so early on! This one piece, in addition to your resume, cover letter and portfolio may be the deciding factor in you getting hired!

If you need assistance in setting up a spreadsheet or guidance on how to begin this process, please see Mr. Tyler! Regardless of if you are a current student or a graduate, we would love to assist you in setting yourself up for success!

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