December 23, 2016

Maximizing your Winter Break

Maximizing your Winter Break

Being a cosmetology student during the holiday season is great! The time off given allows you to perhaps work more hours at your part time job, get some needed rest, and allows for more free time. All of those added benefits are fantastic and well deserved, but it is also essential that you put some time in on bettering your future! Below you will find some ideas to consider on how you can spend your off time in a way that will benefit you in the present as well as the future!

Work on your portfolio
Ensuring you are compiling before and after photos of clients you are working on is a great step in the right direction! When you add resume and cover letter work to this, you are really getting somewhere! While you are around your family and friends that you have been performing services on in our supervised student salon, ask them if they would be willing to write you a letter of recommendation or a testimonial! Also, don’t forget to be gathering a list of references for potential employers to call! (ie: an instructor, a co-worker, a current or former employer, and a professional reference that is not family).

Watch your Sassoon Cutting Videos
Taking the time to review your cutting techniques is a smart way to ensure you are at your peak level of cutting when you return to school. Also, this refresher will help you promote the good habits you have formed. Take notes, make a list of questions and seek your instructor’s guidance when you return from break!

Research salons for potential employment
Regardless of if you are planning to stay local or move across the country, you need to know what salons are a good fit for you! A great way of gaining a perspective is to check them out on Google and Facebook and Instagram. Some things you need to consider when looking at their accounts includes their product lines, their culture, their prices on services and how often they are posting. Do they promote their stylists? Are they active in continuing education? Make a list of 5-10 salons and see your student services person about your ideas and thoughts surrounding your search results.

Market yourself
Take the time to hand out business cards to people you meet and encourage them to book appointments online at or via Facebook. Show off your before and after photos! Discuss with them what they would like to have done to their hair! Remember, this is an industry that is unlike any other in the way that you can make your own paycheck. Marketing is essential to success.

Of course we want you to succeed and make the most of your break, but just as much, we want you to have a happy and safe holiday season filled with joy and love. You are all very special gifts to Hays Academy of Hair Design! Thank you for your work in 2016, and let’s make 2017 even greater!

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