July 22, 2016

What it means to hire a Hays Academy of Hair Design Graduate

IMG_9930What it means to hire a Hays Academy of Hair Design Graduate

Bridging the gap between excellent salon services and outstanding customer service seems like a no brainer.  In fact, everyone knows that clients return time and time again when this bridge is so fluent it has become part of the culture of a salon or spa.  By culture, we are talking about all employees from the salon coordinator to the stylists to the management working in cohesion to accomplish excellence.  This idealism isn’t just something that comes easy, but with effort and teamwork, it can be accomplished and become a daily happening in your salon.

Our students are a living testament to the success of this type of education as we are proud to announce we have graduates in leadership positions in salons across Kansas and all over the country.  These leaders are uniting their fellow stylists in productive and excelling client relationships that rejuvenate their salon while boosting the creditability of the industry as a whole. These graduates understand that a solid foundation established in their time at Hays Academy has brought about personal successes that would have been difficult without the consistent and deep investment of their instructors and staff. 

If you are a salon owner or manager who is looking for a detail oriented and client fulfilling stylist, you really should consider meeting with Hays Academy of Hair Design students and staff.  We are motivated to help you find the right fit for your open position and will work tirelessly to establish a strong and everlasting relationship with your salon. 

Hays Academy believes in building champions in this industry, and we look forward to working with you!

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