August 18, 2017

Nail Art? Why YES, Please!

 Nail Art? Why YES, Please! 

What is something everyone loves to look at but most people do not get done? You were probably thinking along the lines of high fashion hair colors or bold makeup, but in my opinion it’s nail art! We look at Pinterest and watch the relaxing, mesmerizing videos on every social media platform. It… is… everywhere! We see these fun and interesting designs and think, OH MY GOODNESS, if I had those nails I would feel like I could run the world! As for younger generations, just think of all the Instagram likes you would receive! As someone who is just beginning their career in the beauty industry, let me share with you what I have seen so far and my humble opinion.


Our guests that come into the salon are our ultimate priority. When you come into the salon for nail services you generally already have in mind what you want. A relaxing massage and good long lasting coat of polish later, you go home feeling nice and refreshed! What if you got something a little extra-just to make you feel a little special, a little unique? Nail art is always a great way to show off a little of your personality to go with that amazing new shirt you just purchased or to have something that is your favorite close at hand! Get it? Hand! All puns aside, I hear a lot of my guests say that nail art is “a little too busy” for them or they want their polish to go with everything. It can! Branch out of your normal hand wear and show off those pretty things! Try some simple dots and then work your way up to some rhinestones or a panda bear! Nail art is literally commissioning an artist to do a one of a kind painting/design just for you! Fancy, isn’t it?! Don’t be afraid to test the waters, because it always comes off. Even if you do not know what you want ask your nail technician/cosmetologist what they can do for you, we love it!

Nail Technician/Cosmetologist

To my fellow students and beauty industry geniuses, I feel like I hear “I can’t” and “I do not” too much. Everyone can do nail art! It seems hard at first, and it will be, but do not doubt yourself! With our guests you can start out with dots and work your way up. Your sunflower looks like a sun with a little bit of brown in it? Turn it into a sunset and add some clouds or a mountain! It takes time and practice. When I am at home and someone wants to watch a show with me, you can bet I have 12 different nail polishes out trying something I have not done before. Also challenging other nail technicians/cosmetologists and getting them to challenge you is a great way to start, that is how I have done my more challenging pieces. Start out painting them big and then make them smaller from there. There is no “I can’t” in this business, there is only giving it a 110% and getting better from there.

Guests, just remember that it is okay to get that accent nail and change it up a bit. It is never too much because it is you and that is beautiful! Nail Technicians/Cosmetologists, you can not hope to grow abilities from a plant you have already salted, take that chance to grow more vegetables in your metaphorical garden. To everyone, nail art is wonderful, beautiful and completely you, so dive into it and see what you can create and wear!

Until our next appointment,

Much love,

Deanna Williams

*Deanna is a student at Hays Academy of Hair Design in Hays, Kansas and can be booked for appointments by calling (785) 628-6624 or by visiting

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