June 6, 2017

Pass State Boards in 5 Easy Steps

 5 Tips to Success for the Kansas State Cosmetology Written Exam

Cosmetology students in the state of Kansas are able to take their written state boards upon completion of 1000 of their 1500 requirement for program graduation. At Hays Academy of Hair Design, we require that the student has completed a minimum of 1000 hours and have passed our final exam. Once students request assistance in scheduling their state board written exam, many feel a great deal of pressure and stress. The following advice is a collaboration from staff members of Hays Academy of Hair Design in hopes of providing some positive ways to get ready for the exam.

1.  Keep a positive attitude!

You have passed the toughest test that Hays Academy of Hair Design offers. That test is based off of many of the aspects you will be tested on at the state level. You have worked hard, studied hard and know the information you have been taught. Now it’s just time to apply it!

2. Review, review, review

It’s time to break out your notes, review your Milady textbook, study Kansas Law and pay close attention to vocabulary terms. One key point to remember is that when you wait until last minute, things do not go as smoothly! Start studying and reviewing early on and you will feel less rushed and less stressed.

3. Test your knowledge.

The Milady online account allows you to take chapter tests as well as a comprehensive exam. When you miss a question, dig into the book and review what you got wrong and write down the correct response. Regardless of what your best study technique is, studies show that if you write the answer down you are more likely to remember it.

4. Eat a nutritious breakfast

It is true, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, what you have for breakfast is also important. I well rounded meal with protein, vegetables or fruit and whole grains is an example of a solid choice. Sugary, highly preserved foods do not do your body and mind justice when it comes to being mentally alert for an exam. Also, too much caffeine can lead to less of an ability to focus. It is all about balance.  

5. On the day of your exam, arrive early

Being on time is late when it comes to getting into the testing center. They require you to be half an hour early, but you really should plan to be there 45 minutes before the test is to begin. If you are traveling to a testing center from out of town, you may want to account for weather or any other problematic situations that may arise.  

Congratulations for taking this next step towards achieving your dreams! Hays Academy of Hair Design loves to see students and graduates succeed in all aspects of life! We cannot wait to see your social media statuses saying “I passed”.

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