August 25, 2015

Reasons people are choosing Kansas to work in Cosmetology


Reasons people are choosing Kansas to work in Cosmetology

When most people think fashion and new trends, they seldom think Kansas. But, that stereotype of Kansas being a boring and ultra conservative state is being challenged. Young people from all over Kansas are achieving an education in cosmetology that inspires them to go beyond the norm and enter into a realm of exciting new trends and fashions. Not only are they making waves of excitement among their communities, they are making a difference on international stages performing their skills and being rewarded for it.

So, why would a cosmetologist choose Kansas?

The Kansas Board of Cosmetology has streamlined the ability to test and get licensed after one has completed their 1500 hours of cosmetology school. With three different testing sites, multiple testing days, low fees, and state-of-the-art facilities, Kansas is a great place to become licensed.

Beyond licensure, Kansas is seeing a movement into less conservative trends and styles, and people are finding approval from their peers on such trends and styles. It’s no longer all about a clean cut look, but rather more about expressing who the person is on the inside, and giving them a voice via their look. The stylists in Kansas have really stepped it up to be able perform on a whole new level. From incredible colors and cuts, to performing full-service salon services, the cosmetology industry in Kansas has never been better!

Furthermore, there are ample opportunities to achieve higher education from some of the best known names and brands in the industry performing specialty classes! These classes may cost a little money, but the return on that investment is enormous!

When you put it all together, you have a state that is open for business in the cosmetology industry! We look forward to seeing you around, and you can bet we know who you are by the various styles you wear! If you have any questions regarding cosmetology in Kansas, I encourage you to go to to better understand what cosmetology is and how it is being used in this great state, and beyond!