August 8, 2017

Cosmetologist Resumes

Cosmetologist Resumes

Resumes are not something that people tend to look forward to creating. There is a lot of stress about what to include, where to include it and how it will be perceived by a salon owner/manager. Regardless of if you are a student in cosmetology or a salon and spa professional, resumes are essential to ensuring your career is ready for the next step.

Hays Academy of Hair Design in Salina and Hays, Kansas is dedicated to their students and alumni and are willing to work hard to ensure that the Hays Academy family is prepared to launch themselves in the career they are passionate about. There are many ways to create a solid resume, but many stylists fail to do the proper research about the salon they are seeking to work for. The following will allow some insight as to how to build the resume that gets you an interview.


It is too common that a stylist will see or hear that a salon is hiring and simply submit a resume hoping for the best. Instead, a smart stylist will look for the job posting online. In the posting, there will be key phrases that detail what that salon is looking for in a stylist. Perhaps they want someone who is willing to do full service waxing. If you aren’t comfortable with that service and they bring it up in an interview, they will realize that you have wasted their time. If you know what the salon wants, you can cater your resume to their hiring specifications.


Selecting the people who will detail your qualifications, skills and personality is very important and should be taken with precaution. Having a client that will mention your skill set is a valid reference. Having a friend who doesn’t speak professionally or simply says “Dude, you should totally hire my girl. She is” is a horrific plan. Aim for professionals who take the industry seriously. A great reference could include a fellow stylist who knows your work ethic and willingness to be a team player. You cannot go wrong having industry pros on your reference sheet.


In today’s world, a virtual portfolio is an absolute must. In a recent roundtable discussion with salon owners from Kansas, each of the salon owners mentioned how they find it necessary to observe a portfolio that showcases a stylist’s abilities. There are many options out there for stylists to choose from, but Hays Academy of Hair Design has found that does it best. This is a free service for all Hays Academy of Hair Design students and allows for a shareable link for you to send to prospective employers.

Success isn’t found by those who wait. It is found by those who work for it. If you are a Hays Academy of Hair Design student or alumni who would like more information about resumes or any of the material covered above, please contact Tyler Paulson at [email protected] for assistance.

The sooner you build your resume the better prepared you are for achieving the job you desire. 

For more detailed information of what should be on your resume, check out our blog archive!

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