October 18, 2016

5 Steps To Winter Hair Care

5 Steps to Winter Hair Care

Although you might not think it will ever get here, Winter in Kansas can be absolutely brutal. From cold temperatures and sharp winds to snow and ice, these elements do more than affect your core temperature, they affect your hair! Knowing how to combat this issue is vital to maintaining the beauty and integrity of your locks that you spent a lot of money and time on over the warmer months. Hays Academy of Hair Design is committed to providing our clients with the education and tips needed to ensure you are able to flaunt your beauty without hesitation or worry from damaged hair! Below you will find our top 5 tips on how to protect your hair throughout the harsh Kansas Winter season!

1.Condition! Conditioning your hair should already be a part of your regimen. However, it is essential that you condition your hair in colder temperatures. Cold weather will soak up the moisture of your hair leaving it dull and prone to breaking. By conditioning, you are creating a moisture barrier that protects hair and provides strength.

2.Avoid using heated tools as often as possible. Heat also causes problems with the moisture control of your hair. If you have to blow dry, use a lower temperature and ensure you are moving from one part of your hair to another, not focusing too much on one particular portion at a time. Sure this will take longer, but it beats having rough broken hair!

3.Cover your hair as much as possible when outdoors. You may think that from the car to the store isn’t too far, but it can really do a number on your hair. Protecting your hair from the elements is important! You can use a scarf or hat or even a hood to keep the wind, snow and ice from damaging your hair beyond repair.

4.Trim your hair regularly. Taking care of split ends and damaged hair often keeps your hair looking fresh and feeling incredible. Your stylist can give you some pointers as to how to maintain your hair between cuts, but ensure you are seeing your stylist regularly during the colder months to keep your ends in good order.

5.When showering, it might feel good to use as much heat as possible to warm up in the winter time, but know that hot water is an enemy of healthy hair. When you rinse and lather, use warm to cool water. This allows your moisture control to be at the ultimate advantage. Also, when combined with Wella or Sebastian shampoos and conditioners (sold at Hays Academy of Hair Design in Hays and Salina) you have the ultimate combination for healthy beautiful hair.

As always, if you have questions regarding tips on how to keep your hair healthy, you can seek guidance from our students and instructors who would love to discuss your regimen and provide guidance as to how to take advantage of services and products that provide protection to your beautiful hair!

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