September 16, 2016

Successful Salon Social Media Postings

Social media has proven itself to be a necessity for promoting stylists and salons. Not only are followers engaged by the happenings at salons, but they are able to better visualize the types of services they may be interested in pursuing. This valuable commodity is growing the industry exponentially and creating an atmosphere of inspiration for stylists and clients around the world. Doing the right thing is important. The following steps will ensure you are achieving success while competing with other stylists and salons in your area!

1.Ensure you have permission from the person in the photo

People are often excited to have their photo online from their stylist or salon. They are proud to be featured after an awesome service because it makes them feel beautiful/handsome! However, there are some who would rather not have their faces out there for others to see. Best practice is to have a social media waver that they sign. Minimum, you should have their verbal acceptance.

2.Consistency creates a culture of acknowledgement

If you post pictures and video outside (best light to capture color), you need to ensure that it is in the same location with every client every time. By doing this, people know right away that it is the specific stylist at a specific salon. Same with interior photos and videos. Ensure you have the same location in the salon for the post. It creates an understanding of who is responsible for the amazing work being featured.

3.Use logo or watermark on the image

You have a masterpiece in front of you, let people know where it was done and who did it! Putting your company logo or stylist’s Instagram name on the photo allows people to not steal your image as their own. It also allows followers to know who and where they should come for services.

4.Show the transformation, not just the final result

Did you take a client from long to short hair? Did you do a color correction? How can anyone see how significant of a difference you made if you do not show the before and after of the client? This process is the most beneficial as it promotes your ability to cater to the clients face shape, skin tone and beyond!


Nothing says you did a great job like a client leaving a review. There are a few things to keep in mind when asking them to do so:

a.Have them be on their cell phone and not on wifi. Google discounts your review if it comes from the same source and wifi makes Google think the salon is giving itself reviews (a dishonest and non-genuine practice).

b.Make sure they mention the stylist’s name and how much they love it!

c.Ask for 5 stars!

Regular updates to all of your social media outlets is important. Ensuring that those posts are consistent to your brand is what will make the difference. There is nothing wrong with daily posts, or multiple daily posts so long as the images and posts are informative and creative. Word of mouth advertising is the best form, and in today’s world getting shares, comments and likes are as good as person-to-person testimonials. If you are a Hays Academy of Hair Design student, graduate or client we would love to see you hashtag the following tags so we can see your awesome work! You never know, we may share your work on our school pages! #haysacademyproud #foreverhaysacademy #ilovehaysacademy

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