May 9, 2017

Is your Salon Successful?

Is your Salon Successful?

To become profitable and continue to be in business, one has to adapt and integrate the latest and most desired trends and desires of their clients. For salons, this goes beyond ensuring clients are satisfied and that their needs are met and carries over to the needs of the salon’s stylists.

Stylist’s today are trendy, motivated and thirsty to build a clientele that allows them the ability to one day be among the most heavily sought hair stylists in their area. Some even want to compete in competitions that allow them to be judged among the nations and world’s most talented artists. In order for them to feel comfortable inviting people to sit in their chair, or to publicize where they are working, they need to feel as though the culture is inviting and will make their guests feel at home every time. In order for this particular need to be met, salon owners must learn to build a culture in which their employees or booth renters are nurtured, mentored and appreciated.

Nearly anyone who has worked in any industry can tell you horror stories of how their bosses conducted business, treated employees and even clients. These happenings make for laughs in the future, but in the present, it is absolutely devastating to their business and the culture. What is it about the current salon you are at that you appreciate and value? Perhaps it is the welcoming nature of all of the stylists. Or, it could be the cleanliness of the salon and it’s atmosphere that makes you feel welcome. These are all positive attributes and chances are that if you have these things, you are doing well in building/maintaining clients and a strong team of stylists.

There is an incredibly important part to all of this. As a salon owner you need to have your expectations completely understood. If you have booths for rent, your renters need to have a contract stating what monies will be owned and when they are due. People need to know where their money goes to and how it is spent. As commissioned stylists, you need to understand what your commission base is, how it goes up, what bonuses you can receive and etc. Having no gray areas in how business is conducted creates transparency-the best way to run a business.

Knowing what stylists need, what salon owners desire and what drives clients to your salon are great things to discover. Don’t hesitate to contact Tyler, our Student Services Director to discuss these aspects. Tyler works 1-on-1 with salon owners and strives to match Hays Academy graduates to the salon that fits their needs and the owner of that salon’s needs as well. As a cosmetology school, we strive to help salons and stylists alike. Camaraderie is vital to the success of this amazing industry!

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