July 10, 2018

Summer Skin Care

Skin care is a hot topic and summer skin care is even more popular! Did you know if your skin was stretched out it would cover 3,000 square inches and weigh 6-9 lbs.? Skin is the largest organ of the body and we want to make sure that this summer you are educated to take the very best care of your skin!

Cleansing Your Skin

Cleansing your skin should take place in both the morning and at night! There are a ton of cleansers on the market for oily, dry, combination, acne prone, and everything in between. We suggest using cool water to wash your face in the morning to help tighten your pores before applying make up, and warm water at night to remove any make up or debris from the day. If you need help figuring out your skin type, come on in and we would love to help you figure out what would be best for your skin!


Tone! Toning is important because it helps to balance the pH of your skin and contract your pores. If you struggle with oily skin or clogged pores it is definitely recommended. Pores that become clogged often lead to pimples! It is safe to say none of us want pimples so be sure to take the time to tone!


Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Moisturizing your skin helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Skin sheds cells often and having moisturized skin helps it to regenerate faster! Skin that is well moisturized creates a stronger barrier and helps to shield skin from the penetration of bacteria. We recommend using a lighter moisturizer during the day, and a heavier one at night!

Sun Screen

Use sun screen every day! Whether you’re walking to and from your house, driving in the car, or going to an outside event your skin is exposed to the sun. Using sunscreen helps to prevent age spots/hyper pigmentation, the darkening of freckles, and reduce sun damage. It may not always be convenient but taking the time to apply sun screen will pay off.


Exfoliate your skin! Exfoliating your skin helps to remove dead cells on the surface of your skin that can make your skin look dry! This can be done 1 to 3 times a week or per manufacturers instructions. Frequency of exfoliation should be based off of skin type. Over exfoliation can result in ultra sensitive and inflamed skin.

Always Remove Your Makeup

Always remove your make up before bed! We love make up, but did you know wearing your make up to bed can age you faster? Make up clogs pores which can lead to break outs, wrinkles, and bacteria. We suggest using make up wipes or a gentle make up remover! We get it, when you are tired and ready for bed, the last thing you want to do is remove your makeup, however it will pay dividends in the long run!

Great Skin

These are the basic ingredients to have great skin. At Hays Academy, we offer different treatments for your skin including basic facials, collagen mask facials, paraffin masks for your hand, and make up just to name a few.

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