March 27, 2018

The Lowdown on Lash Extensions

About Lash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions Low Down

We all want to be in the beauty know, so here is the lowdown on lash extensions! There are different curls, thickness and length of extensions. Thickness varies from .03-.3 mm, and lengths range from 4-20 mm. Lashes are applied one at a time using a specially formulated semi-permanent glue made to not irritate the eyes or damage your natural lash. There are different types of glue made specifically for those with sensitivity. In addition, you will find different types of sets, depending on what the lash artist is trained in, including classic and volume. With classic sets, one extension is attached per lash. With volume sets, 2-3 lash extensions are attached to each lash.

Maintenance of Lash Extensions

After getting your lashes done, you want to avoid steam or water for at least 12 hours.

Similar to acrylic nails, lashes typically can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Like acrylics, if you get them filled every 2 weeks they’ll look significantly better than if you were to do every 4 weeks. Everyone’s growth cycle is unique, so some lashes may last longer on some than others.

Avoid any products with heavy oils. It is strongly encouraged to avoid mascara as it causes clumping. This can create a build up on natural lashes and extensions which weighs down the extensions and causes them to fall. Brush them daily with a spooly. When washing your face, avoid friction around your eyes and lashes. Try to refrain from touching your lashes.

Are Lash Extensions Really Worth It?

Your natural lashes shed every day! The average person has 90-190 natural lashes per eye. Each eye can shed about 2-5 of their natural lashes per day, on average. This causes extensions to shed with natural lashes. Most people do not realize this, causing them to believe eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes.

As a lash artist, a common thing I get asked is “are they worth it?” My answer is always yes, 100%. After having them for a year and a half, I “took a break” and I felt so differently about myself. I amy seem dramatic when I say lashes will change your life, but seriously they make you look so awake and done! They are (most of the time) so natural looking that I have some clients who wake up, brush and go. It takes time off of your getting ready routine in the morning!

My Favorite Lash Story

Lashes are a way that I can help women feel beautiful on the outside just as they are on the inside. My favorite lash experience so far has to be a client who called me asking about lashes and had been told she wasn’t a candidate for lash extensions but wanted a second opinion. I assured her that I would do what I could and if she had lashes, most likely she would be a candidate. She came into my room at the salon and instantly melted my heart. This particular client was so sweet and fun. She told me her story that she had cancer and was in remission but a few years later it came back. At that time, they were thankfully able to remove the cancer and she has now been cancer free for 7 years. After all of the chemo and radiation, it left her hair very thin and fine. I had her lay down to take a look. I knew it was going to be a challenging set for me, but it was by far the most exciting challenge I’ve had! With that challenge came the most significant set I have been able to do on someone. After I finished applying her lashes, I told her to take a look and tell me what she thought. She looked in the mirror and turned to me and instant tears started flowing. She continuously thanked me and told me that she was often mistaken for a ‘sir’ at the grocery store. At this moment in time, she felt beautiful and feminine.

It All Worth It!

Yes, being a lash artist is lucrative, tedious, time consuming world, but it is also a very rewarding career.

We are so excited for Hays Academy of Hair Design to host a series of lash extension classes through Borboleta this spring to give our students the opportunity to become lash artists in the salon. We feel that good education is key to the lash industry, and Borboleta has a great reputation for their quality of products and education.

A special thanks for to Emily Corbett, Lash Artist, Hays Academy of Hair Design Alum, for contributing this blog!

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