June 9, 2017

The truth about going lighter

The truth about going lighter by Kirstin Bertram

It’s no secret that one of the many summer trends is to lighten your hair. We love all shades of hair, but if you are wanting to go lighter for the summer here are some things you may need to think about:

  1. Lightening is a process.  When you lighten your hair you have to break through all of the other colors that have been put on your hair. Whether the color you used was professional, permanent, demi permanent, semi permanent, or the ever dreaded box color. Going from a dark color to a light color takes time and typically more than one session. We strive to keep the integrity of your luscious locks healthy and happy!
  2. When you lift hair, it will turn WARM. Warm can mean a lot of different colors and tones depending on how light your hair gets. Typically it goes red, red orange, orange, orange yellow, yellow, then pale yellow when you lift! We can tone hair to help remove some of the warm tones, but depending on how your hair lifted there still may be underlying warm tones.
  3. Getting a trim or haircut while going through this process is highly recommended! The hair on your ends have been on your head the longest, (i.e. having the most damage from sun, heat, color, etc). It is vital that if you are going through a lightening process to trim off the ends to keep your hair healthy!
  4. Recondition! Lightening is damaging on your hair, to keep your hair healthy we recommend a  reconditioning treatment in between sessions, to help put protein back into your hair. We have a wide variety of in salon reconditioning treatments as well as proper home care treatments available for you!
  5. Home care is key! During the transition process and thereafter, your stylist will recommend home care products that best suit your needs. The stylist may recommend a blue or purple toned shampoo to keep unwanted tones out of your hair, as well as a conditioner to compliment your hair type!

Here at Hays Academy we love blondes, brunettes, red heads, and every shade in between!  Most of all we want to keep your hair healthy! We hope you will remember these tips when contacting us for your lightening appointment! The great news is, if you rebook your next appointment you get 15% off your most expensive service. This helps the going lighter process to be budget friendly as well!


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