February 27, 2019

Thinking you want to be a Stylist???

Consider Becoming a Hairstylist?

Have you been thinking you want to be a stylist? Has your heart been telling you to dive in, now is the time to do your part to make the world a more attractive place? Maybe you have other hopes and dreams like platform work, education, or working at a plush resort. Good news…..Rockstars needed, apply today!!

Do Your Research

Do your research on what the beauty industry entails! From the outside looking in, we can often be confused by the facade that is created.  This industry is work, hard work, but oh so rewarding work! Understand the dynamics of the different licenses available within the industry. At Hays Academy, we feel that the Cosmetology license provides the best opportunity long term.  This license allows you to perform the work that barbers, etheticians, and nail technicians can provide.  Be mindful that some licenses limit your income potential, so get a firm understanding of each offering.  You need to decide for youself what license you want to pursue!

Don’t Overpay

Don’t overpay for the education you are getting. Ultimately, you have to put a price tag on this education. Look at the big picture, what school is going to offer the best education and not just all the bells and whistles that sound great and cost a lot. In addition these very items oftentimes have short term value. A lot of students are ah struck by fancy kits, iPads, and more. While these may be appealing on the surface, are they worth the added debt of the overall education?  At Hays Academy, our vision is to produce the most hireable, financially responsible graduates in the world.  It is important to model that vision to our students and prospecitve students at all times!

Check it Out

Do yourself a huge favor while investigating the industry and check it out. Ask your personal stylist if you can shadow him/her for a day or two. See first hand what it takes to be successful. Let’s be honest, you better be willing to gets your hands dirty and work hard. This industry requires long days and a variety of converstations with all types of personaltities. The reward is priceless however when you get paid for doing what you love all the while forming relationships that last a lifetime.  

If you are interested in learning more about this wonderful industry AND Hays Academy, contact Randi Gerstner. Of course you can call us at 785-628-3981 or fill out our contact form here!