October 1, 2015

Three Skills to Make it in Cosmetology


The cosmetology field is wide open with possibilities and career options that will allow for individuals to pursue their dreams and aspirations in ways that evolve on a regular basis. This is an exciting time to be in the industry, but it is also a very highly competitive time period.  Your stylist skills are important, and equally important are your business skills. Some of the outtakes of that education that directly apply to all cosmetologists are as follows:

5-Star Customer Service

Customer Service has to be at the forefront of your skill set.  No matter what your practical skills consist of, if you aren’t able to treat the client like it is their first time, every time, you are going to have a high turnover rate among clientele.  Being able to build a clientele is easier when your client feels at home with you because they can tell that you are genuine and that you care!  If you continue to treat them this way, clients will refer their friends and family members to you which benefits you greatly.  Building your business and maintaining a budget requires consistency, and consistency begins with customer service. 

Marketing and Business Practices

Being able to effectively market your business is an important aspect of effective business practices.  If you are not careful, you can market yourself out of business by spending entirely too much money.  The best results for cosmetologists seems to stem from social media and portfolios that showcase their before and after’s.  This allows people to see your work and read the client’s comments.  Social media marketing is very cost effective and can reach your target demographic with ease.  It is highly recommended that you take some social media classes to familiarize yourself with advertising and how to manage it properly.  Business practices, when viewed in the larger picture, really come down to morals and values.  How you run your business, pay taxes, treat the people who work with and for you, and how you operate on a regular basis reflect upon your character which is comprised of your morals and values.  Make decisions that are well thought out, and strive to make each day better than the one before.  Use your moral compass to guide you, and you will find more success than someone who allows dollar signs to run their business. 

Education and Culture

Furthering one’s education is a forever thing.  It is vital that people invest in life-long learning as it brings about new and more relevant thoughts and ideas.  In cosmetology, trends and new fashions are constant.  This fast paced and every changing environment requires stylists to attend classes and pay close attention not only to their own communities culture, but global trends as well.  You never know who is going to sit in your chair and ask for a cut or color they saw on Instagram from someone in Europe or Asia.  If you can complete that cut or color and satisfy their demand, they are going to tell people about their experience with you! 

Being exceptional in any industry is difficult, and there are many more relevant skills that could be counted among these.  However, if you master these basic skills and expand upon each of them to make them your own, you will find success that is far beyond what you imagine.  Best of luck, and stay great!