February 16, 2016

Tips and Tricks to Freshen Your Locks by Brooke Martens


Tips and Tricks to Freshen Your Locks by Brooke Martens

People often want a new look but sometimes feel the only way is to take drastic measures or do something like cut all of their hair off. I am one of those people. I always tend to grow my hair out and then chop it all off for a new look, however I would like to keep my hair length this year. So here are a few tips and tricks to freshen your current locks and give you a new look without taking drastic measures!

Seb-DS101. Deep conditioning treatments.  Taking great care of your hair is very important and it’s simple.  And in addition to being simple, we all can agree that healthy hair styles better than unhealthy hair. Doing a deep conditioning a couple times a month (or more if needed) will not only give you beautiful hair, but lasting benefits as well. I would recommend Sebastian Drench Treatment, it rehydrates dry, frizzy hair giving it silky body and shine.

2. Switch up where you part hair. It doesn’t even have to be drastic, you could simply shift it down or up an2208661 inch from your current part. OR go for a change and put your part on the other side of your hair or try a trendy middle part! I would recommend blow drying your hair, using Sebastian Texturizer. This will help to train your hair for your new part. Sebastian Texturizer is a flexible bodifying gel that helps give a little bit of hold and adds texture to your hair.

3. Practice some simple styling techniques. For example try various curling methods by turning the heat down on your curling iron for some soft waves. Another idea is to wrap your hair around your curling iron (as if it was a wand) for a unique curl. Adding a simple braid to your fringe can also help slightly change your style! Before styling, use Wella EIMI Root Shoot, a root mousse to help give your hair a boost of volume (who doesn’t want some volume?!) and blow dry. Finish each of these styles with Sebastian Re-Shaper, a brush-able, humidity resistant, strong-hold hairspray.

I hope theses tips help! Here’s to pretty hair in 2016!

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