November 1, 2016

Top 3 Desires of New Cosmetologists

3 Desires of New Cosmetologists

Students of cosmetology at Hays Academy of Hair Design in Salina and Hays, Kansas are seeking employment from the best salons in the area. Although each salon has specialties and vary in the different products and services offered, the one thing that stands out among area salons is the fact that they are absolutely amazing! Talented salon owners and managers combined with an ever growing desire to become the best in the industry are outstanding attributes for new stylists who seek to integrate into this exciting field. Often, we find that students are seeking the same opportunities and it is our goal to provide them with a firm understanding of what it takes to succeed. We would like to provide some insight as to top 3 things students are seeking as they begin looking at potential salons for employment.

Continued Education
Finding a salon that offers classes or takes their stylists to classes is important to many students. They want the ability to attain new relevant information. This crucial desire is understood to be the gateway to attaining more clientele, as well as allowing them to better serve their existing clients.

Fun yet professional atmosphere
Stylists want to enjoy their work while enjoying the people they work with! No doubt, working with fun and creative people who share their knowledge and work together as a team to better the salon is among prospective new stylist’s desires! Of course, being able to maintain professionalism is important too.

Finding commission based salons is becoming difficult for many graduates. This type of structure provides some security while building a clientele. Also, commission based pay promotes a stylist to work hard to build their clientele. Salons that offer a commission structure are likely to find more applicants to interview, thus finding the best stylist to fit their team’s needs!

If you are a salon owner or manager and would like more details as to the curriculum of our Nuts and Bolts Business Training program or would like to discuss any job openings you may have, please feel free to contact Tyler for more information! Tyler would be glad to meet you at your salon, at the school, or for coffee to discuss any of the needs you have or questions that may come up. [email protected] is the best means of setting up a meeting. Or, feel free to call him at (785) 833-2280 anytime to chat.

We appreciate all that area salons do for the industry and for our graduates! Keep up the good work!

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