June 10, 2016

Transforming the Beauty Industry by Lauren Goebel

1203.sdt-idcTransforming the Beauty Industry by Lauren Goebel

Have you ever taken a look around and noticed almost everyone around you is on their smartphone?  Technology is evolving, and it has become a huge part of our everyday lives and is transforming the beauty industry. Before, stylists had hundreds of books and magazines you would look through to find the perfect haircut.  You sat flipping through the magazines while your stylist finished up her last client.  If you go into a salon today, there are very few books, because Pinterest and other apps have taken over! Now, stylist’s are handed phones with pictures saved to camera rolls when a client sits in their chair. 

Huntington Post published an article called, “9 Ways Technology is Transforming the Beauty Industry.”  You can find it here.  When you read this article it makes you stop and think, “have I been keeping up with technology myself?”  They have apps now that help match your foundation without even going into the store.  It takes online shopping to an entirely new level.  You can either fall behind, or stay ahead of the game by doing your research. Stylists must be technology aware if they want to give five star customer service.  You should be able to whip out that awesome up-do your client has a picture of, because you have watched the YouTube video on how to do it.  You know the latest trends, because you have looked through Pinterest yourself.   

The technology doesn’t just stop there.  Do you have the convenience for your clients to book online with apps such as StyleSeat?  Are you able to send reminders with a click of a button?  Can you accommodate your guests that only carry their debit card, or are you still stuck with the method of cash and check only?  So ask yourself, “am I keeping up with technology?”  If not, you may be falling behind in the beauty industry.

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