December 8, 2017

Top Hair Trends We Prefer This Winter

Cold weather started when fall came rolling in. But that doesn’t mean that winter won’t be bringing anything cool. A new season requires for a new hairstyle. And we’ve found several cool ones that are making the round this winter. Not only will they help you stand out during the dark days ahead, your glamour will have no problem standing up to the elements.

#1: Rose Gold Hair Color

Yes, this color is no longer something you chose for your dress or nail polish. A bit of anime pink with some gives you that extra glow to light up the grey skies ahead. Just ask Bella Hadid and Nikki Minaj!

#2: Icy Blonde with Roots

If you’re not a big fan of pink, you can go for rooty ice blonde instead. Yes, you read it right. You’ll be showing your roots, something that used to be a nightmare to behold. Not anymore! This winter’s hair color trend is all about contrast. The color of your natural hair matches the tone of your eyebrows creating a softer look when you contrast it with the ice blonde.

#3: Chocolate Ombré

If you’d rather go dark than light, another top hair color trend this winter is the Chocolate Ombré. Unlike the original Ombré, this look goes for barely seen tips. This is perfect for those with naturally dark roots, and the warm chocolate shade just gives you a rich contrast with the cold weather.

#4: Platinum Blonde

If you want to make a statement with a capital S, then this is the color you’ll be wearing this season. The cool girls like Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevingne are rocking this winter with the ice queen look. Paired with dark winter clothes, then you’ve got the chic yet effortless vibe down pat.

#5: Honey Blonde Hair

Yes, we’re talking Beyonce’s shade here. And who wouldn’t want that, right? If any of the other trends seem to drastic for you, then why not settle for that perfect balance between blonde and brown? This honey shade works well with a lot of skin tones and isn’t to harsh on the eyes.

#6: Face-framing color

If you don’t want to dye all your hair, then you can go for this hair color trend. Brighten up your look with some hand-painted color (warm caramel, biscuit tones) on your face-framing foils. It gives that hint of excitement to dark hair without going full blonde.

We’ve been talking all about color trends for winter. But what about hair styles? What’s cool this season?

#1: Natural Curls

Yes, that’s exactly what we said! Forget about fighting what comes naturally to your hair. Instead, go ahead and embrace your natural curls this winter. The new hot hair trend is curly bobs which provides your curls a strong, structured shape it needs to look awesome. Just ask Yara Shahidi.

#2: Sleek Bun

While we all love how laid back and easy a messy bun can be, who wouldn’t want to up the elegance a little bit with a sleek bun? This winter, keep your strands out of your face and less exposed to the harsh elements.

#3: The Winter Knot

If a sleek bun on top of your head isn’t really your thing, you can opt for a more relaxed style that still gives you that chic vibe. Tie your long hair low, at the nape of your neck, into a giant knot. It’s stylish, keeps the hair out of your face, and ensures your blow-dry from yesterday isn’t sacrificed at the altar of winter. The best thing about this style is it is perfect for work and play. After-hour drinks and christmas parties. Masquerade balls, even. Just think, with a winter knot, you won’t have to worry about the masquerade mask messing with your style.

#4: Half up, Half down

Since we love Beyonce’s hair, it’s only fair that more than one of her styles are featured in this winter’s hottest trends. Now, there’s nothing really special about wearing your hair half-up. But Beyonce’s style (which has been seen on Rihanna and Zendaya as well) calls for you to section off your hair from the sides and the crown and tie it into a high ponytail. Take a section of your hair at the back of your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic to hide it from view. Add a bit of volume and bounce to your hair by curling the last two inches of your bottom hair and ponytail.

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