September 19, 2017

Tyler’s 5 Piece Salon Job Attainment Tool

Tyler’s 5 Piece Salon Job Attainment Tool

By utilizing Tyler’s 5 Piece Salon Job Attainment Tool, you are telling salons that you are serious. Tyler is our Student Services Director and talks with salons regularly. He has learned that each salon is different in their expectations of future employees. Meeting with salons, Tyler found that these five features are universal in showing that you want the job. Ultimately, salons can teach you a lot, but can’t teach you how to show you care.

Implementing Tyler’s 5 Piece Salon Job Attainment Tool

1. Job Shadow

How do you know if you would want to be there 40+ hours a week if you don’t job shadow? Learn about the culture of the salon-their values. Discover their ability to work together as a team. See if their is gossip that would damage your career. You get the chance to see how a day functions before being hired! Also, you get to ask questions that are important to you. Make sure your hair and makeup matches the style of their team. Instagram is a great way to observe this.

2. Cover Letter and Resume and References

Make sure you have a cover letter and resume printed for them along with at least three references. If you did not enjoy your time at the salon, do not feel obligated to give them a copy. But, if you liked your experience, it makes a great impression that you have these for them. Always have a printed copy and an electronic copy. Ask which they prefer, and make it happen. Also, make sure you give them your references. “References upon Request” is a thing of the past.

3. Portfolio a free resource for Hays Academy of Hair Design students. It is absolutely a strong tool that you should take advantage of. You can upload pictures of your work, your resume and links to social media. Every salon owner wants to see your work before hiring you, so this is a no brainer! Your portfolio has a sharable link for others to observe your work.

4. Social Media Sweep

Professionalism is the name of the game in cosmetology. This does not mean that you still cannot post fun pictures, just ensure they are tasteful. All of your social media accounts should help promote your brand. A brand is the symbol for who you are and what you represent. Is your brand something you are proud of? If not, utilize the delete button ASAP.

5. Client List

Having a client list shows salon owners that you are thinking ahead of your peers. You are building a clientele and have taken the steps to attain their information. In doing so, you can market to them and increase your production. This list has been the key element in many highly desired salons. If you have the list, you are considered. If not, you start this process over again.

If you have been a stylist for 10 years or 10 days, we are here to help. Hays Academy of Hair Design loves being there for our alumni. Job openings, resumes/portfolio help, whatever! Let us know how we can help you. We also offer helpful guides for each of the above mentioned items!

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