April 3, 2020

Virtual Admissions

During this time of being in a state wide shut down, Hays Academy has made a commitment to offer virtual admissions. We have experienced a high level of interest in our Cosmetology and Nail Technology programs. With that being the case, Admissions Director Randi Gerstner has made it a priority to deliver an admissions process that can be done virtually!

Remote Campus Tour

While Hays Academy has taken drastic measures to follow social distancing requests, the transition to offer a remote campus tour has been established. Students will still have a face to face conversation with our Admissions Director via a digital platform. This allows an opportunity to ask questions, go over policy and procedures, and learn about Hays Academy. The effort is to move forward as usual to prepare for the next enrollment start date, which is May 26th! If you would like to be contacted by Randi, simply fill out the form on our homepage!

Digital Documents

While enrolling means paperwork, Hays Academy has embraced the ability to do this all through digital documents. If it’s truly virtual admissions, there is no need to come in, print paper, or waste ink. We have the full capability to complete the enrollment process through digital document sharing. This is all done in a secure, privacy protected environment to protect the well being of all involved!

Contact Us Today

If this industry has always been a desire of yours, its time for you to contact us today! You can email Randi or text her at 785-628-6624. We would love to tell you more about this amazing industry, as well as the benefits of Hays Academy. With campuses in Hays and Salina Kansas, we are here to serve central and western Kansas and well beyond. We hope to hear from you today, classes are starting soon!