September 23, 2016

Want to own a salon? Here is what you should know!

Want to own a salon? Here is what you should know!

Me- What would you like to do in cosmetology?
Student- I want to own my own salon!

Working in cosmetology education, I hear this answer a lot. In fact, I believe it is probably the goal of 75% of our students to one day own their own salon. This is a phenomenal goal, and one that I hope all who wish to are able to one day accomplish. After all, there is no greater accomplishment than to work for yourself and being able to generate income doing what you absolutely love.

There are some very important aspects to keep in mind when it comes to considering your future as a salon owner. Not only will you need to have the start-up funds to ensure you have all of the tools, products, and salon furniture but also the ability to purchase or pay rent on a building that you will be investing a great deal of money and time in. Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to speak to a salon owner who had been in the industry for about 15 years. She has owned her salon for a little over a year and has built a phenomenal team of professionals who have helped build a reputation of success and accomplishment in our community. Throughout our conversation, I gained a wealth of insight I want to pass along to our current and potential students at Hays Academy of Hair Design.

Having a clientele that is loyal and willing to follow you to your own location is vital to success. Working in the industry for a number of years is the only way to build such a clientele. You have to be consistent, willing to work long hours and demonstrate customer service at a high level. Your clients are the life blood of your work. Without them, you do not make a living.

Continued education in technical skill advancement is vital. Staying on top of current trends and being able to perform them allows you to be in-demand. In addition to technical skills, business skills are essential to ensuring you are able to market the salon, maintain finances including taxes, and how to network are key to stability and growth.

An understanding of the other salons will allow you to capitalize on what they are lacking. You have to be able to cater to what clients want, and in today’s salon, clients want a full service experience. If they want a service that they cannot get at your salon, they will go elsewhere. If they go to a different salon for the service you do not offer, they will likely find they can get their regular services done at that location instead of continuing to give you their business. You have to be all inclusive.

Patience is a hard attribute to come by for most people. However, if you wait until you are over 80% booked on a consistent basis, you are setting yourself up for success by starting your salon. You need to be booked from the beginning of the day to the end of every day. You can help your staff build their clientele by giving them walk-ins and call-in appointments. You must be the standard that others gauge themselves. If you aren’t setting the example, who will?

It is absolutely eye opening when you get the opportunity to speak to someone who has “been there and done that”. The good news is, as a Hays Academy of Hair Design student, you will be exposed to salon owners coming in to talk to you about their experiences and what they expect from new stylists. You can also job shadow at area salons to better understand the happenings of day to day operations at salons you are considering working at upon graduation. There will be chances for you to really investigate and better educate yourself in what it takes to be successful from both our staff and our salon partners.

Having a goal is important. Having a plan on how to accomplish that goal is the only way to achieve success. Our aim is to provide our students with the understanding and education necessary to become the most hirable, financially responsible graduates in the country.

If you are considering a future in cosmetology or nail technology, there is no better time than now to reach out to one of our friendly and informative admissions directors. Call, text or email Krista or Randi to learn more about how you can achieve your goal in this growing field!

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