April 24, 2018

What to Expect as our Guest at Hays Academy of Hair Design

Customer Service

It’s normal to wonder what to expect as our guest at Hays Academy of Hair Design. At Hays Academy, customer service is very important to us. You can expect a friendly voice on the phone, and a greeting when you walk in the door… even when we are busy! We hope to provide a pleasant atmosphere, with music, nice displays of our monthly products on special, and big picture windows to provide natural light at both campuses. Coffee and water are complimentary!

Our Goal

Our goal is to have our students with you as soon as possible, as we know our guests’ time is valuable. Whether it is your first time with us or you are a frequent flyer, you can expect a thorough consultation; first with the student, then confirmed with a licensed cosmetology instructor supervising your student. The student will ask important, relatable questions and record any observations they have. Next, you will be informed of our monthly service and retail specials. Based on your consultation, they will try to help you solve your hair, skin and nail issues. Here comes the best part… a complimentary scalp and shoulder massage for every client in for a hair service! Enjoy!

Supervised Students

Because all students are supervised, you can expect your assigned student to stop every so often to wait for their instructor to check their work. This is for your benefit to ensure they are on track with your service! Because of their learning environment, we cannot guarantee time on our services; we will always try to give you quality. We are a full service salon, and our students are continuously taught on-trend techniques.

Services Completed

After your services are complete and the instructor has checked the student’s work, you can expect that our students will show you the products used on you that day! We know how important it is for you to keep the look we give you and to be able to recreate it at home! Not able to take those products home with you today? Our student will write down the products for you, so that when you are ready you can bring the list back in at another time. If you show the list to our front desk, they would be glad to assist you in finding the product.

Time to Check Out

Next stop: our front desk coordinator will be waitin to check you out. What to expect? Fair prices! This is also your chance to rebook your next appointment. We know how busy your schedule can get, so it is best to take care of that weeks in advance to plan around it! There is even an incentive for our guests that rebook! If you rebook your next appointment with us, keep your receipt, bring the receipt into your booked appointment, you will receive 15% off your most expensive service!

Thank YOU!

We want to thank all of our guests for supporting our students’ education! Without you, the students would not have near the experience when they get into the field! We appreciate each and every one of you that take the time to come in and interact with our awesome students. See you soon!