November 18, 2016

Who is Hays Academy?

Who is Hays Academy?

Who is Hays Academy of Hair Design? People are always wondering what these cosmetology schools in Salina and Hays, Kansas are all about. Any organization that has stood the test of time has developed or integrated pillars of success that deserve to be recognized. When you think of Hays Academy of Hair Design, it is likely you think about the modern look of our school combined with the students and staff who make up our culture. Many also think of our low prices on services and the savings involved in comparison to salons in the area. Whatever your perceptions are, it is important to know the four pillars of Hays Academy’s persona.

Core Values
Staff are chosen by the owners of Hays Academy not just due to their ability to teach or be in a support role, but because of their character and ability to positively influence students. There are 10 core values that Hays Academy has implemented and staff strive to integrate into their daily interactions both as an employee and as an individual.
Work Hard/Have Fun
Be Humble/Be Grateful

Continued Education
In an industry that is ever changing and growing at such an incredible pace, it is vital that our instructors and staff are in tune with how the industry is evolving. All of our instructors and staff receive continued education in all aspects of our school. Sometimes they are sent to classes across the United States for hands on training. Other times, they may be trained by guest educators and industry leaders. Webinars, video conferencing and phone conferencing also allow for advanced education and knowledge. We pass this information along to our students to utilize and incorporate into their daily work.

Customer Service
Our Nuts & Bolts Business Training Program has provided us with great examples of how to treat clients with five-star customer service, every time. All students go through five books from Nuts & Bolts where they learn all aspects of being a salon and spa professional. We as a staff have taken this guidance to a whole new level. It is our goal to not only treat our guests with excellent customer service, but to go above and beyond for our students. We treat our students as if they are our clients, and we work tirelessly to ensure they are well taken care of.

Community Involvement
Hays Academy hosts several events in both Salina and Hays that are geared at giving back to our communities. It is vital that we contribute and give back to those who have supported us. From providing free haircuts for kids before school starts, raising money for cancer patients, hosting food drives and providing support for local law enforcement, Hays Academy strives to be a helping hand where it is needed most. We genuinely believe that being in the service industry means more than providing salon services-it’s about providing services that people need the most. It humbles us to serve our community.

We strive to produce the most hirable, financially responsible graduates in the county. We work hard to provide an education that allows for a solid foundation for graduates to build upon once they enter the salon. Our success is directly reflected in the accomplishments of our students and our graduates who make up our Hays Academy Family.