August 28, 2015

How to Better Connect with Your Clients as a Cosmetologist

How to Better Connect with Your Clients as a Cosmetologist

Whether you consider yourself as someone who is an introvert or extrovert, there is always a place for you in the beauty industry and ways for you to better connect with future clients. When you create solid relationships with your clients, you are better able to understand their needs and build trust. They are more likely to reschedule with you and refer you to friends and family. You are able to establish a long-term relationship with those you make an effort to connect with. Here are some simple ways to create stronger connections with your clients as a cosmetologist.

How to Better Connect with Your Clients as a Cosmetologist

Adapt to Client Needs During Each Appointment

Every client is different and so are their expectations and needs. It is important to adapt to what is needed during their appointment. When you take the time to listen to your client and understand their background and hair goals, you are better able to recognize what they need during their scheduled time with you.

One client could be a busy mom who is constantly on the go, looking for relaxation and freedom from her busy life. She may not want to talk too much and rather just sit back and relax while reading a magazine. Another customer may want someone to talk to and who is willing to listen about what’s going on in their life. By listening and observing your client, you can have a better idea of how to interact and what type of atmosphere might be best to offer at that time. 

Provide Styling and Product Advice 

When styling your client’s hair, it’s better to explain the process, especially if they decided to completely change their new look. At times clients can feel lost in the dark with a new style and have no idea what to do when they get home. Suggest new products for their specific hair type or new color. If you have provided skincare services, let them know what products you used and what suggestions you have for their specific skin type. The more advice you provide, the more confident and happy they can feel with their new style or services.

How to Better Connect with Your Clients as a Cosmetologist

Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy, and as difficult as the truth can be at times people seem to always appreciate you when you strive to be honest. If you feel a style or color does not go with them, be open to recommend another style and explain why it may be better. Communicate their appointment process as well so they have a better idea of what you are doing and how long the appointment is going to last. 

Help Your Clients to Feel More Comfortable

The best way to help your clients feel more comfortable is by asking them the right questions at the beginning of their appointment. Ask them if they want a magazine, what they want to drink, or if they want to hang up anything like their purse or coat. Hair appointments can take a lot of time, depending on what your client is looking for, so it’s best to prepare them for the entire appointment and ensure comfort. It’s important you are always friendly and show interest in what types of beauty services they are looking for. 

If they are stuck on a hairstyle, don’t be afraid to make suggestions and get to know them more, to determine the right hair cut or color for their lifestyle. Offer clients a list of different hairstyles they can choose from and give them enough information to feel at ease with their final decision.

Always Listen 

With any type of relationship, listening can go a long way. When you listen to your clients, they feel more appreciated and valued. Listening is more than just hearing what they have to say, but it’s about understanding their needs and what they are asking for. Communication skills are important to develop as a cosmetologist and can help you to become more successful. 

Connect Through Social Media

Social media can allow people to connect with you and see what you have to offer. When new clients have a visual idea of your services, they are able to know what to expect without any kinds of surprises. People like to know what they are getting themselves into and can help them to feel less nervous about changing up their style. 

TikTok and Instagram help future clients to get an idea of your personality and if you offer what they are looking for. Social media is a great way to promote your business and build your clientele. 

Get an Education at Hays Academy of Hair Design

Cosmetology school is a great way to get the experience and practice you need when it comes to developing your social skills. At Hays Academy of Hair Design, you can learn how to connect with other students and clients at our student salon. All services are provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

Our cosmetology program is a good place to start connecting with others and the best way to learn how to adapt to a client’s needs. Schedule a beauty school tour with us at our Hays or Salina, Kansas campus. Contact us today to learn more about our enrollment and registration process. We are here to help and guide you through your beauty school journey!

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